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Commitment Ceremonies

Commitment ceremonies establish a covenant relationship between two people who choose not to marry. In endeavoring to support these couples and affirm them, we offer commitment ceremonies for those who wish to make a faith commitment to each other before God.

Every commitment ceremony, whether held in the Burkhart Chapel (capacity: 100), the sanctuary of the South Campus (400+), or the sanctuary of the North Campus (400+), is a sacred worship service of First Community Church. Therefore, we request that your commitment ceremony meet our standards in every aspect including decor, words and music.

A Christian commitment ceremony is a blend of two themes: the unique character and love of the two people who are creating a new covenantal relationship and the steadfast love of God, which gives individual covenants their foundation. The officiating Clergy, the Minister of Music and the Ceremony Coordinator all work with each couple to achieve this blend in every service.

We look forward to sharing this important event in your lives.

For more information, email Jill Fisher Tribble, Ceremony Coordinator, or call (614) 302-3656.