9 am: North Campus, Worship in Grace Hall
This service will be a blend of contemporary and traditional elements, contemporary style songs, traditional hymns led by the organ and interactive prayers. This service will have a relaxed, yet sacred feel to it. Glen Miles will utilize the screens in Grace Hall to highlight sermons with visuals and quotes.

10 am: South Campus, Worship and Communion in the Sanctuary
This service will continue in the very traditional worship style that has been an important part of the South Campus since our earliest days. Clergy will be robed, and the Cambridge Choir will lead in worship. Guest soloists, choirs, bell choirs and other wonderful music will also be part of this service. The Lord’s Supper will be served each week with the simple reminder of God’s inclusive welcome given to all.

11 am: North Campus, Traditional Worship in Grace Hall
This traditional service will also feature robed clergy, a procession, the Chancel Choir, youth choirs and occasional soloists. This will be a liturgical service with a wide variety of choral music. There will be an emphasis on liturgy.

5:30 pm: North Campus, Informal Worship in Grace Hall
This will be our most contemporary offering. With music led by Janelle Rogers on keyboard, this lively style will engage all ages from children through senior adults. The service will conclude with candle lighting and prayer as each worshiper is invited to return to their homes and the tasks of the week ahead.