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A place for all. Including you.

Membership at First Community is a uniquely personal, spiritual experience. Through membership, active worship attendance, and learning, you will enhance the richness of your own spiritual journey. You will gain the strength that comes when you know you are not alone, and the courage to continue your journey of faith in the world. Your efforts for the common good will multiply by joining hands and hearts with others. Belonging means giving and receiving. It means supporting God‘s mission with your time, talent, and financial resources. Membership enriches your life as you receive God‘s love and give of yourself in response.

Interested in Learning More about Membership

Coffee with Glen is open to anyone interested in learning more about First Community Church. Dr. Miles will talk about the history, theology, and vision of First Community. You will also have an opportunity to learn more about First Community programs and ways to get connected.

New Member Sunday

New members will be welcomed to First Community on December 19 at all of our worship services. 

To register for the next Coffee with Glen or to start the membership process please contact Kristy Glaser

New Member Information Form

Member Covenant

As a member of First Community, I covenant to:

  • Be faithful in attending worship.
  • Enhance my spiritual journey through study, prayer, and action.
  • Seek daily to live and act in ways that help make Christ’s example of God’s love for all people real.
  • Give of my time and talent by participating in missions, groups, or projects that inspire me.
  • Invite and welcome others to worship services and other programs.
  • Prayerfully commit my financial resources, as I am able, to help carry out the work of the Church, including making and fulfilling my annual pledge to the Church’s operating campaign.

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