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Day 6

Day 6

by Mary Kate Buchanan on October 15, 2021

Day 6

Friday, October 15, 2021
Job 37:1-24

Hear this, O Job; stop and consider the wondrous works of God.

I wonder why there aren’t adult playgrounds?
I wonder what is actually in Worcestershire sauce?
I wonder who first decided to eat an artichoke?

When is the last time you just wondered about something instead of whipping out your iPhone and googling it to find the answer? I wonder if we have lost the ability to wonder.

Wondering is a vital aspect of our faith. Our friend, Job, seemed to understand this. Job proclaims all sorts of wonderings! He realized that he just doesn’t know all the unbelievable workings of God in the world! And he’s okay with that. He’s okay not knowing. He’s okay with just wondering, slowing down, practicing humility and curiosity, and appreciating the mysteries of the universe. Cultivating generosity in our lives includes being generous with our time spent on wondering about God.

You are officially invited into this age old practice of wondering. Write your wonderings down like I did above. It doesn’t matter how trivial or silly they are. Take some time to share them in prayer. Wondering is a wonderful practice of pondering the wondrous workings of God!

Dear God, I wonder…. Amen.

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