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Day 11

Day 11

by Rev. Glen Miles on October 20, 2021

Day 11

October 20
Read Psalm 37: 23-40 
Wait for the Lord, and keep to God's way.

I'm terribly impatient.  I say this with embarrassment.  Standing in a long line or waiting on hold during a call to the bank or some other business are two of my least favorite things.

Slowly, over time, I've begun to discover that learning to wait is a spiritual practice. One of the things I have begun to do in the last two years is walk the labyrinth located outdoors next to the sanctuary at First Community North.  I tried to walk labyrinths in the past but was easily distracted.

One day a couple of years ago while struggling to finish a sermon I took a break, went out to the labyrinth.  It was the first time in many years I had tried this.  My steps were intentionally slow.  As I reached the center where there is a large stone I noticed a gold ring had been left on top of the old rock.  I was strangely moved. I wondered who left it and why? Was a relationship broken? Had there been a death? I left the ring in its place.

I never heard anything about the ring. It's been gone for some time now. But I thank God for this simple reminder of the singular fact that all of us share in the brokenness of the world. That simple reminder came when I learned to slow down and...wait.

Prayer: Dear God, in my waiting, give me a clear vision of your love for all. Amen

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