This Week In Worship
January 17, 2020

The Next Right Thing
Part 2 - What Matters Most Cannot Be Taken Away
John 9: 1-12, 24b-27
Dr. Glen Miles
Rev. James M. Long, Minister of Pastoral Care (9 am)
Rev. Susan L. Langner, Minister to Youth (9 am)
Rev. Kate Shaner, Minister of Missions (11 am)
Rev. Sarah Kientz, Minister of Missions (11 am)
Sally R. Beske, Associate Organist (9am)
Arthur Marks, tenor (9 am)
Terry and Barb Davis, Greeters
Scott Toop & Laura Rosene, Scripture Readers (9 am)
Joel and Laura Assenheimer, Scripture Readers (11 am)
Janelle Rogers, Coordinator of Contemporary Music (11 am)

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9 am: 
This service is our most traditional worship style. Clergy will be robed, Director of Music, Andy Blosser and soloists and will lead worship.

11 am: 
This service will be a blend of contemporary and traditional elements. Clergy will help lead this service and Coordinator of Contemporary Music, Janelle Rogers will provide the music