Annual Church Member Meeting
  • Election of new members to the Governing Board and Diaconate
  • Election of new members to the Nominating Committee
  • Vote of Proposed Constitution Revisions
    • Proposed Constitution Revisions can be found HERE.
  • Treasurer’s Report on 2020 Results
  • Presentation of 2021 Budget
  • Remarks by the Outgoing Governing Board Chair, Jodi Patton
  • Remarks by the Incoming Governing Board Chair, Cydney Philbin
  • Remarks by the Senior Minister, Glen Miles
Date: Saturday, January 30, 2021
Time: 10 am
Location: Online meeting via Zoom meeting link.  First Community members MUST be in attendance at this online meeting in order to vote.
Deadline to register: January 25 

2021 Annual Church Member Meeting Special Instructions

Qualified Members:  Must be either an Active or Associate Member of First Community and meet the criteria for membership as defined in the Membership brochure.

Permitted Votes:  One member vote per device.  Members residing in the same household must be on separate devices, and each be registered, to cast individual votes. To register more than one member, click Yes in response to Do you wish to register another Member? at the bottom after entering the first person's information.

Click the button below to register. Call (614) 488-0681 if you need assistance registering.

click here to register for the annual church member meeting

The people below are nominated for the 2021 Governing Board, Board of Deacons, and Nominating Committee. They will be voted on by the members of First Community Church congregation at the Annual Meeting on January 30 at 10 am. If you are a member of First Community Church, please plan to attend this once-a-year meeting to vote on the slate of the Governing Board, Board of Deacons, and candidates for the Nominating Committee.

Governing Board Slate

Board of Deacons Slate

Nominating Committee Slate

Proposed Constitution Revisions can be found HERE.