There will be only one service on August 15, Akita Sunday, 10 am North.

Our Staff

Rev. David Hett

Dean, The Burkhart Center

Office: (614) 488-0681, ext. 118

I was born and raised in Aurora, Illinois, a large urban area outside of Chicago. I attended  University of Illinois for an undergraduate degree in Communications, and to Northwestern University (Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary) for my divinity degree. My call to ministry came from my desire to find a spiritual life, as well as to use my journalism degree to become a religious writer for a newspaper. However, when I found my theology to be “relational,” I knew I needed to pursue a ministry of connection with self, others, and God’s creation.

My biggest passion is learning more about the synthesis of psychology and spirituality, and how that understanding might serve the transformation of the human heart. Three “fun” facts about me: I have three amazing children and eight wonderful grandchildren, including my third granddaughter born just this August of pandemic year 2020. If I’d had the voice and talent, I would be starring in Broadway musicals rather than being a minister. I read all genres of mystery for pleasure, and love watching British mysteries on TV.

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