The Children's Musical is Sunday, December 10 at 9 and 11 am North. There are no services at South on this day.

Meditation & Mindfulness

Every Tuesday, from 10/17/2023 to 12/20/2023, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Meditation & Mindfulness – is a class that concentrates on three primary practices: pranayama (breath practice), some kind of mindfulness or contemplative practice and a silent group meditation. Some weeks, a book review/discussion is included. Tuesdays @ 10:00am, Zoom

Recommended Props:
Please have the following props handy for ALL classes: Yoga Mat, 2 Blankets, Yoga Strap or Bathrobe Belt, Hand Towel, Chair

Optional: 2 Blocks, Bolsters, Eye Pillow

Cost - $10/per class (payable to Jodi)

Please email Jodi to register or for additional details, or scan the QR code above.

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