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Day 18 (Saturday)

Day 18 (Saturday)

March 06, 2021

Day 18 (Saturday)

Daily Devotion: Speak openly

Read: John 7:1-13

Reflection Questions: What prevents you from speaking openly? What would it look like to be empathetic to your neighbor, affirming of all, and still authentic to yourself when you speak?

Prayer: Holy God, there are all sorts of narratives about what it means to be a Christian. I am quick to defend myself, but am I quick to defend you? Do not let me be silent, allowing false truth to hang in the air. Let me be one who speaks openly of your love for all, and how your love has changed my life. Amen.

—Prayer by Rev. Sarah Are | A Sanctified Art LLC | sanctifiedart.org

Activities for Children
JOHN 2:13-22 | 1 CORINTHIANS 1: 18-25

Engage: Show a Sankofa image, such as this one by Ramel Jasir or this one . Ask: What do you see in this picture? What do you think it’s about?”  This is a symbol called Sankofa. In the Akan Twi language, ‘San’ means to go back, ‘ko’ means to go, and ‘fa’ means to look and take. So together, this word Sankofa means to go back and take what you need to move forward. And the Akan people of Ghana represent that with this image of a bird reaching back to take an egg from its back.”

Explain: In the Bible, we read that some people would ask Jesus for proof that he was God’s son, the Messiah that was sent to help them. But so many prophets and people like John the Baptist had already told them who the Messiah would be. Sometimes we need to go back and remember what we’ve already been given before we ask for something new. We might find that we already have what we need. God shows us the way we’re supposed to live. The prophet Micah says, “God has shown you what is good: do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God.” (Micah 6:8, paraphrased.) But sometimes we forget. Many of the things that are wrong in the world today have happened before because we forgot how to treat each other kindly. But we always have the Bible and our pastors and teachers and family to help remind us.

Pray: Dear God, thank you for the people who taught us how to be kind and showed us the way you want us to live. Help us to remember those lessons always. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

Play: Children can paint, sculpt, or draw their own Sankofa with whatever materials they enjoy using. For younger children, you might create a simple outline to start. You might also print this detailed Sankofa coloring page for older children, teens, or adults.

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