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Since 1912, women inside and outside of First Community Church have come together through membership in the Women’s Guild to develop friendships, share their faith journeys and serve the needs of the church, the community and the larger world. Guild affiliation is much more than just joining a club. Rather, because of the fellowship, tradition and purpose it offers, it becomes part of a woman’s very identity.


Historical Highlights:

  • The Women’s Guild took form out of  a Tri-Village Women’s Society and in 1912 solidified as the Women’s Guild of First Community Church.
  • The initial undertaking of the Guild was to raise money to purchase an organ for the church.
  • In the church’s early days, before the church was funded by pledges, financial aid from the Guild was needed to cover a large share of the regular expenses of the church, including the minister’s salary.
  • In 1937, the First Community Women’s Guild was the largest organization in the entire Tri-Village area—and by 1954 over 800 women were members.
  • Today, at more than 100 years old, the Women’s Guild is the largest organized team of lay workers within First Community Church with approximately 300 members among its many groups.

Through the years, whatever the needs of the times, the women of the Guild have responded specifically and generously.


Ongoing Fundraisers and Events

  • Christmas Wreath Sale
  • Jewelry Sales –crosses, tie tacks and Seven Keys medallions (bookstore)
  • Trading Post support
  • Election Day Bake Sale
  • Soup and Casserole Sale
  • “We Love You Luncheon” for the First Community Church staff
  • Spring Event for the women of First Community Church

A few of the many recipients that receive support from the Women’s Guild include:

Camp Akita * Mary Evans Center * Friends of Music * Friends of the Homeless * White Chapel Ringers * Pastoral Care * Heart to Heart * Prayers and Squares * Rafiki * Deep Griha * Back Bay Mission * Mexico AMOR project * Rebecca’s Place * Homeless Family Foundation * Church Women United Layette Program * Somali Women’s and Children’s Alliance



The Women’s Guild treasury includes a “Gifts of Love” fund, which is used for one-time emergency assistance to undisclosed  church members.  The Guild also donates funds from its treasury to remember our members who have passed away – in effect, carrying on their work.

Memorials and Honorariums may be awarded to the “Women’s Guild Fund” through the First Community Foundation.


Join the Guild

There are two ways to join the Guild:

  • You can become a member of one of its existing groups. Talk with women you know about their Guild Group. Each group has unique traditions of service and fellowship, and there are various intensities of involvement among the groups.
  • You can form a group of your own. It is perfectly acceptable for you to formalize a number of your church friends into a brand new Guild Group. Your new group can focus efforts in a direction of its own choice, and could tailor its culture to the particular circumstances of its members. The possibilities are endless.

The Women’s Guild currently has 11 unique groups. Most groups once a month, September through May. Each member pays annual dues of $15 to the Guild. The groups operate under the structure and guidelines of the Guild constitution. The Guild organization is led by an elected Executive Committee and a Guild Board which consists of one voting representative from each of the individual groups.

For more information, please contact 614 488.0681 or email us and ask for the contact information for the current Guild Membership Chair.

You Can Help

Church Women United Layette Project:

Items are being collected for mothers of new babies who need some assistance. Donations can be dropped off at the South Campus Reception Desk (1320 Cambridge Blvd).

Please bring: disposable diapers, bottles with nipples, bibs, lotion/oil/shampoo, baby towels and washcloths, crib sheets/pads/blankets, lap pads, receiving blankets, rattles/toys, undershirts/onesies, baby clothing, winter sleepers, mittens.