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In this short video, Senior Minister Dr. Glen Miles offers insight into the North Campus Sanctuary Project
while introducing new renderings by Phil Markwood Architects.

We are getting closer to realizing our Capital Projects goal!


This Blog documents activity related to the Capital Projects Committee, whose goal it is to deliver a plan detailing steps necessary to construct a new Sanctuary at North Campus while making improvements to South Campus and Camp Akita.


New North Campus Sanctuary Renderings

Posted July 21, 2017

Exterior view from Dublin Rd.

Columbarium and Labyrinth exterior

Interior sanctuary view


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Capital Projects Campaign Story and Video Archive


It All Starts With a Vision

By Michael Barber

From the early 1900’s when Lincoln Chapel was built to the construction of South and North Campuses, the congregation of First Community Church has steadfastly prepared a path for future generations.

This is our time to build.

Our 20/20 Vision includes Capital Projects necessary to ensure the vitality of our church’s ministry. The Projects total $15 million. They include a sanctuary for North Campus ($12.13 million), Welcome Center for South Campus ($750,000) and improvements to Camp Akita ($1.12 million).

We have secured $9.0 million in commitments with another $2 million in discussion. Our goal for all Projects combined is $15 million. With your help, we will realize this goal. As a special incentive, every dollar you give will be equally matched by three anonymous donors, up to $1.5 million.

Additionally, naming opportunities exist for those who wish to be acknowledged for specific elements of the North Campus Sanctuary. Look for your pledge packet in the mail during the month of March.

The long-awaited Capital Projects are now within reach.


Capital Campaign Honorary Chairs

♦ Jacob ‘Jake” Davis   ♦ Fred Pfening   ♦ Jeff Keeler   ♦ John Mead   ♦ Bob Murphy
♦ Lola Hasson   ♦ Bob Crane   ♦ Dan Galbreath   ♦ Dick McNeal   ♦ Jodi Phillips
♦ Wally Phillips   ♦ Bill Copeland, MD   ♦ Marty Fishel   ♦ Ralph Johansman
♦ Ruth Smart   ♦ Art Sanders   ♦ M. Nancy Davis   ♦ Gabe Campbell   ♦ Pricilla DiAngelo
♦ Kent Brandt  ♦ Dick Witter


REALIZE Campaign Videos

REALIZE: Libby’s Story

Erin Paider and Rob Switz share their story of love and hope with the members of First Community Church.
Video by Michael Barber


REALIZE: Our Future

Director of Youth Ministry Sarah Kientz and 7th-grader Gregory McGuire discuss the new Crossroads program and the future of youth programs at First Community Church. Video by Michael Barber


REALIZE: Our Mission

Church volunteer Jane Ledman chats about her work with the Heart to Heart food pantry in this short, 4-minute video. Video by Michael Barber


REALIZE: Our Story

Church historian Jackie Cherry speaks to past construction projects dating back 100 years in this short, 4-minute video. Video by Michael Barber


Campaign Begins All-Member Phase of Capital Projects Fundraising

By Michael Barber

realize2(January 2016) Three years ago, in March 2013, the Governing Board of First Community Church authorized the formation of the Capital Projects Committee (CPC). The task of this team, led by church member Paul Anderson, was to determine what facilities were needed to realize a vision of growth in ministry as presented by Senior Minister Dr. Richard Wing during the annual meeting just one month before.

They were also responsible for determining cost and to find a way to pay for the Projects that will deliver a sanctuary to North Campus while providing much-needed improvements to South Campus and Camp Akita.

The team worked closely with church members Nan Weir – serving as Owners Representative and Bruce Pontious – serving as Fundraising Counsel. They contracted with Phillip Markwood Architects and Domokur Architects to produce a Master Facilities Plan and have, to date, secured $8.8 million in Leadership Gifts.

The total estimated cost of Phase 1 for the Capital Projects is $15 million.

On Sunday, February 28, the CPC will work closely with worship leaders to launch an all-member phase of the fundraising campaign named REALIZE, honoring and building upon “Our History, Our Mission and Our Future.”

Two services connected to the Capital Projects will be held at 9 and 11 am at North Campus. There will be no services South.

“We are excited to move forward with this next phase of our Capital Campaign,” said CPC Chair Paul Anderson. “Participation by the entire church is significant as all will benefit from the improvements being made. It is completely fitting and appropriate that our celebration surrounds a worship service as the primary purpose of the work of the Capital Projects has been to be a means to serve God and enhance the delivery of our church’s unique message.”

The CPC appointed a subcommittee consisting of Tracy Stuck (chair), Cydney Philbin and Judy Reinhard (co-chairs) to work with worship leaders to create the services for the February event.

“During worship, all generations of our church community come together,” Tracy said. “We want to ensure a large portion of the congregation heard this very important message. The service will incorporate our traditional approach with some added thematic elements to celebrate the launch. It is an important moment in our church history that we think everyone will want to witness.”

Ron Jenkins, Minister of Music and Liturgy, is excited by the upcoming service and this time in the life of the church.

“We will pause for a moment and gratefully give thanks for all those ministers, teachers, musicians, counselors and over a century of dedicated church members who laid the foundation to bring us to this point,” Ron said. “This rich history gives us the confidence and faith to move forward and accept the call and challenge to build on that foundation, letting God’s light shine through us here today and in our future.”

Bruce Pontious acknowledges the Capital Campaign Co-Chairs Don and Karen Gardiner, H.R. “Buss” and Lou Ann Ransom and Bill and Diana Arthur who have helped to lead the journey toward a successful campaign.

“We have been blessed with amazing leadership throughout this Advanced Gifts (“Quiet”) Phase of our Campaign,” Bruce said. “The confidence in their leadership, the belief in these Projects and the incredibly generous support from our lead benefactors have delivered us to this pivotal moment in our journey.”


Welcome Center Takes Shape

By Nan Weir

(December 2015) Since the South Campus Project Kick-off meeting on October 1, the South Campus Design Committee (Jackie Cherry, Rev. David Hett, Cindy Harsany, Pam Jameson – Chair, Mary Ann Krauss, Missy Obergefell, Cydney Philbin – CPC Liaison, Bruce Pontious, Bob Wandel, Donice Wooster and Nan Weir – Owner’s Rep.) and architect Phillip Markwood have been working on behalf of the congregation to develop an understanding of the project parameters, goals and possibilities for the South Campus Welcome Center. 

The primary purpose of the Welcome Center is to provide a more welcoming, handicapped- accessible and secure entrance to the church. It will be located south of the existing building and will include a new entrance and a protected drop-off area that will provide direct access to the main level of the church from the parking lot.  It is anticipated that the parking lot capacity will be unchanged. The switchboard and reception functions will move to the new Welcome Center, improving the arrival experience for members and visitors.

At the November 8 Community Forum, Markwood provided background on the existing site and building conditions, reviewed the Welcome Center concept from the Master Plan, and shared four preliminary ideas for the design of the project.

Factors that will influence the next steps in the evolution of the design include: feedback from the congregation, zoning constraints, the safety of the children using the playground, and the projected costs for the Project. Forum participants expressed strong preferences for a new elevator and a covered drop-off area. Markwood commented that it was very helpful to get feedback from the congregation, especially while the design is still in process.

The design will continue to evolve and take form over the next few months. The current schedule for the project is to begin construction in July and complete the project by Christmas 2016.


Welcome Addition

Governing Board Green Lights South Campus Construction

Story by Michael Barber

(October 2015) On Monday, September 28, the First Community Church Governing Board overwhelmingly approved the Master Plan Phase 1 Project for South Campus, clearing a path for the construction of an Atrium and Welcome Center on the south side of 1320 Cambridge Boulevard.

The South Campus Project, a portion of the Capital Projects that includes building a sanctuary at North Campus and improvements to Camp Akita and South Campus, is primarily funded by a single donor.

“This is the most exciting night I’ve had on the Governing Board,” said Board Member Bill Mead before reading the motion. “Part of the excitement is getting this action done.”

The Board authorized the project – with costs not to exceed $1 million – only after the money was raised. To date, $930,000 has been donated specifically for this project with additional gifts expected. More than $4.6 million has been donated in unrestricted gifts, part of which could be used to fund the $70,000 gap if necessary.

The authorization allows for the creation of schematic design and construction documents along with the solicitation of contractor bids, which the Capital Projects Committee (CPC) will submit to the Board for final approval.

“This project will create a new
entrance to the building from the parking lot and relocate the switchboard so that members and visitors can be greeted and easily directed to their destination, which is the primary goal,” said Nan Weir, Owner’s Representative for the South Campus Design Committee (SCDC).

“This phase includes the demolition and relocation of the existing playground, preparing the site, making adjustments to the parking lot and building the atrium addition,” Nan said.

Pam Jameson, Director of Facilities Ministry and Chair of the SCDC, believes the improvement is necessary to clear up accessibility issues for congregants and visitors alike. “People pull up and don’t know which door to use,” she said. “It’s not welcoming. This project creates a purely presentable and obvious way to enter the building for people of all ages and all capacities. It says, ‘You are welcome.‘”

Cydney Philbin, CPC liaison to the SCDC, sees this improvement as necessary for the vitality of South Campus. “Taking this important
step affirms our commitment and
dedication to our ministry at South Campus,” she said.

“We are ready to move forward in the Capital Project Campaign, which addresses all the facilities needed to support our ministries and missions.”

Erik Clark, Governing Board Chair and CPC member, is enthusiastic about the future of all three Capital Projects.

“This is just the beginning,” Erik said. “We hope to have a public phase early next year so that everyone has an opportunity to contribute. More can be done at South and Akita, and a North Campus sanctuary is critical for the future of the church.”

All three Capital Projects are estimated to cost $15 million. To date, $6.7 million has been donated with $3.9 million in discussion.

The SCDC will begin meeting with Phillip Markwood Architects in
October to develop a conceptual design for the project.

Additionally, the time line for the project includes a community forum in November, similar to those conducted in the past 2 years, to allow for congregation feedback as part of the development of the schematic design.

Specific information regarding forums will be available as the project evolves.

As with any construction project, variances in time may occur. The plan is to begin the project mid-summer, 2016, with completion by Christmas.

“What a great way to welcome our congregation and community during the most important days in the church’s calendar,” Pam said.



Capital Projects Update

(May 26, 2015) The First Community Church Capital Project includes several essential improvements to Camp Akita, greatly enhanced accessibility for South Campus by creating a new Atrium and Welcome Center at south end of the facility and a new Sanctuary at North Campus.

All of these planned enhancements are designed to better accommodate our current and future ministries. For further details, please feel free to direct questions to Bruce Pontious, Nan Weir, Paul Anderson or any member of the Capital Projects Committee.

Our focus over the past several months has been securing the funding for these projects. We are thrilled with the progress thus far. Our Leadership and Major Gifts Phase (“Quiet Phase”) of the Campaign has generated more than $5.7M in signed commitments (50 gifts) and about $5.4M in gifts in deliberation.

Though all of these latter gifts may not be realized in their fullest, the CPC and the Governing Board are very encouraged by the positive momentum you, our benefactors, have demonstrated. We still have a way to go.

We are blessed with devoted Campaign Leadership in our Co-Chairs Buss & Lou Ann Ransom, Bill & Diana Arthur and Don & Karen Gardiner. Also, several individuals – Terry & Cydney Philbin, Ralph & Joan Talmage, Paul & Sandy Anderson, Buss & Lou Ann Ransom and Bill & Diana Arthur – have hosted private Campaign gatherings around Campaign support. In the coming months, we will continue to provide updates on our Project and the Capital Campaign.

Once we reach a critical percentage of our Campaign goal, we will be launching a more Public Phase giving everyone an opportunity to participate.

It is clear that this is a pivotal time in our history. We truly believe we have an opportunity to be a part of something very special in the life of our church. When a representative of the Campaign calls, we hope you will prayerfully consider your financial support and indeed help build upon the legacy of First Community Church.



Smart Building

North Campus Sanctuary will build with eye toward sustainable future

(September 25, 2014) In early 2013, one of the first undertakings of the Capital Projects Committee and the North Campus Design Committee was to identify the goals for the new sanctuary project. One of the goals established is: “Be a leader among churches in sustainable building.”

Sustainability promotes good stewardship and social justice and is consistent with the faith and values of First Community Church. It meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It also promotes long-term maintenance of well-being.

View from Balcony_webNan Weir, the Owner’s Representative for the Capital Project, will be part of a congregational panel at the Earthkeeping Summit 2014 showcasing faith-based environmental leadership. She will be presenting FCC’s values-based decisions and to seek LEED Silver certification for the new sanctuary.

Benefits of a sustainable design and construction include:

Lower Energy Consumption – Buildings are major contributors to global warming; 48% of greenhouse gas emissions are due to the building sector. Buildings consume 76% of electricity generated in the U.S., and account for 40% of the total energy load.

Lower Water Consumption – The United Nations reported that fresh water use is growing at twice the rate of population growth; in recent decades 20% of freshwater species have been driven to extinction; buildings consume 12% of water use.

Use Better Materials – Construction consumes half of the materials taken from nature. In 1890, 40% of materials used were renewable reduced to 6% in 1996.

Reduce Waste – The typical construction project generates 2-2.5 pounds of waste per square foot. A typical construction project the size of our new Sanctuary generates approximately 87,000 pounds of waste for the landfill.

Improve Indoor Environment – Americans spend 90% of their time indoors (EPA). Indoor environments can be up to 100 times more polluted than outdoor environments.

Earthkeeping Summit 2014, October 12-13, Nationwide and Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center on OSU campus. Co-sponsored by Ohio Interfaith Power and Light and the School of Environmental and Natural Resources. For more information or to register, go to


Three couples have signed on as co-chairs for the Capital Projects Campaign. Pictured from left, Don and Karen Gardiner, H.R. “Buss” and Lou Ann Ransom and Diana and Bill Arthur.

The Endorsers

Ransoms, Gardiners and Arthurs Step Up To Support Capital Campaign

By Michael Barber, firstnews Editor

Occasionally, the feeling that one is experiencing a critical time in history becomes intensely profound. For three couples whose personal history with First Community Church reaches as far back as childhood, that time is now.

Don and Karen Gardiner, H.R. “Buss” and Lou Ann Ransom and Bill and Diana Arthur are helping to lead a journey toward a successful Capital Projects Campaign. Their efforts, along with countless others who believe strongly in the ministries of the church, will result in the construction of a sanctuary at North Campus while making much-needed improvements to South Campus and Camp Akita.

The couples have accepted their role as co-chairs of the Campaign, a responsibility they take seriously and personally. Their primary goal is to rally support for the projects they believe to be critical to the church’s future.

The Capital Projects were born from a report given by Dr. Richard Wing at the February, 2013 Annual Meeting titled Our 20/20 Vision. The report included a plan for a sanctuary at North Campus and reiterated the desire to keep South Campus and Camp Akita vibrant.

Former Governing Board Chair Buss Ransom is confident in the direction of the proposed plan.

“What brought us here is the fact that 20 years ago the congregation had several votes on whether to create another facility,” Buss said. “Since that time, the congregation has endorsed not only support of the new facility, but 1320 and Akita. As a result, we are becoming stewards of those projects as well as lots of other things the church does. We’re going to help make that happen!”

Current Governing Board member Don Gardiner reflects on past efforts that paved the way to the current North Campus facility and lessons learned along the way.

“We came awfully close to not having a North Campus,” Don said. “Buss and I were on the committee to evaluate whether we should relocate the church north – not have two campuses, but move the church. We recommended that we do so. That went to a vote of the members and it was voted down rather handily. Rev. Barry Johnson had the vision to plow forward with that and build an auxiliary facility at that time. If he hadn’t done that, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

Buss recognizes the value of keeping South Campus open. “The reason we thought the move to North Campus was important was because that’s where the growth was,” Buss said. “What’s happened since that time is there’s also a growth happening of young people in the Grandview, Marble Cliff and Upper Arlington areas, reaching to downtown Columbus. In retrospect, saving 1320 was a really good thing to have happened. We have 3 facilities to maintain and for good reason.”

Each member of the team has a deep, personal connection to the church; however, Diana Arthur holds more church history than the other co-chairs having attended Sunday School in the fifth-grade. Her parents built a house in Marble Cliff, making it easy for her to enjoy her church family. “My parents joined after I did,” she said. “The church has been there for me through all the bumps in my life.”

Diana believes as strongly in the need for a North Campus Sanctuary as she does the preservation of South Campus and Akita.

“North Campus does need a sanctuary, it needs a sanctuary badly,” Diana said. “Akita needs to be kept in tip top shape all the time, safe for kids and South Campus, where my heart is, needs to be well maintained.”

Karen Gardiner said she and husband Don explored many churches 40 years ago before settling on First Community. “My goodness, we just couldn’t stay away,” She said. “Rev. Robert Raines was there at the time. We loved it. Looking ahead, these projects aren’t just pipe dreams. They are absolute brick and mortar needs.”

Karen is inspired by recent growth at North Campus. “It’s fun to go up there and see the place is jammed,” she said. “I think, ‘Who are all those people with all those kids?’ The energy is really fabulous.”

Don Gardiner has experienced slight opposition to the idea of building a North Campus Sanctuary from a relatively small segment of the congregation who believe money is better spent on missions and outreach. “We need a growing base of people to do that,” Don said. “It’s very hard to attract people if we don’t have a
sacred space that meets their emotional needs. We’re not going to raise this kind of money for a mission. It can’t be done.”

Moving forward, the co-chairs will lend full support to the Capital Projects Campaign with their time, talents and treasure.

“This is a vision for the church’s future that we can’t achieve unless we do it now,” Diana said. “When approached, Bill and I realized this is too important for something that’s meant so much to our lives. The time has come. This is the time.”



View from Balcony_web

April 7, 2014 – North Campus Sanctuary Design Taking Shape

As the Capital Projects Committee continues to explore the needs related to a proposed North Campus Sanctuary, renderings emerge. Though still very much an evolving design, the sketches reflect many thoughtful hours of discussion with the congregation, church staff, committees and Phillip Markwood Architects.

View Full Picture Gallery


Within View

North Campus Sanctuary Delivers Continuity, Solace

Story By Michael Barber, March 1, 2014 – firstnews Monthly

All eyes turn to the back of the sacred space. It’s a moment anticipated by many for decades.

A man dressed elegantly for his daughter’s wedding leans to whisper. The bride wipes a tear from her cheek as she smiles and nudges his shoulder, acknowledging his meaningful words.

Both are poised, standing near a baptismal font artfully crafted of stone. They await their cue from a wedding coordinator who orchestrates the event accompanied by the dramatic tone of a mighty pipe organ.

As the music swells, those in attendance remember the bride as an infant, baptized in the very font
she now passes. She and her father make their way down an aisle paved with cherished memories.

Thoughts of her first Christmas Musical and a Third-Grade Bible presentation blend seamlessly with Block of Wood Sunday, Mexico Mission send-offs and now…this special occasion.

It’s a full-circle celebration for a grateful church family gathered in the North Campus Sanctuary.

Rev. Deborah Lindsay sees this vision as one made possible by the realization of a new sacred space. “It feels to me to be the type of continuity and ritual that we’ve not been able to have at North Campus,” she said. “There are virtually no weddings there. We have an entire generation that has grown up in Grace Hall. This is where you want to have continuity.”

The benefits of a new sanctuary are not limited to momentous occasions. Weekly Sunday worship is greatly enhanced by the expansion.
Ron Jenkins, Minister of Music and Liturgy, sees the sanctuary as an opportunity to better connect those leading the worship with the larger congregation.

“A North Campus Sanctuary will be a room that actually inspires,” Ron said. “We’ll have a good acoustic for singing, praying and speaking. Currently, we have to work really hard to create a sacred experience in Grace Hall.”

Practically speaking, a North Campus Sanctuary allows those responsible for resetting Grace Hall for Sunday worship more breathing room between events.

“Resetting involves moving 500 chairs, stacking them six-high and finding a place to hide them,” said Pam Jameson, Director of Facilities Ministry. “We have no storage. Chairs and platforms are stored all over the building.”

Within a four week period, the facilities staff will spend approximately 50 hours transforming Grace Hall a total of 10 times. They will accommodate four worship services, a Spiritual Searcher event, a pancake dinner, choir, a beach party, a pasta dinner, Ash Wednesday and a barbeque.

“A North Campus Sanctuary will provide a greater opportunity for church events, special occasions and wedding receptions in Grace Hall,” Pam said. “We have a loved church. Many requests for special occasions are turned down. A sanctuary adds tremendous value for our congregation.”

Rev. Lindsay said she is constantly connecting her own personal experiences at South Campus with the opportunities for future generations to build their own memories at North.

“On Christmas Eve, when standing at the back of South Campus Sanctuary, I can look over and see the same pew where I sat with my mother in church,” Rev. Lindsay said. “That’s what makes a place sacred.”

“I can see in my mind’s eye the stories being remembered 25 years from now; a continuing story of families and our church. The North Campus Sanctuary will be a place that feels like home.”


Watch Our Video from the January 12, 2014 South Campus Forum




Cydney Philbin, left, Capital Projects Committee liaison to the South Campus Design Committee, and Owner’s Representative Nan Weir share a light moment as Cydney defines the acronymns used for various committees connected to the Capital Projects.

1320 Poised to Serve ‘Far Into The Future’

Story and Photos By Michael Barber, February 1, 2014 – firstnews Monthly

The passion surrounding South Campus, connected with a concern that it may close as a proposed North Campus Sanctuary takes shape, prompted the issuance of a strong statement that might well have been penned by songwriter Ira Gershwin; Our love is here to stay.

The South Campus Design Committee (SCDC) hosted a Community Forum on January 12, bringing nearly 100 congregants to place of understanding. South Campus is valuable, viable and essential to the future ministries of First Community Church and Our 20/20 Vision.

Following remarks from Senior Minister Richard Wing and Governing Board Chair Jason Barger and Capital Projects Committee Chair Paul Anderson, representatives of the SCDC provided statements.

Mary Ann Kraus, a church member since 1967, reported that the growth and redevelopment of Grandview puts 1320 Cambridge Boulevard in perfect position. “We are just where we want to be for the next 50 years,” she said.

Pam Jameson, Director of Facilities Ministry, acknowledged the efforts of those instrumental in breaking ground more than 100 years ago. “Our church, this beautiful building was built to last, to withstand time,” Pam said. “We are here now today because previous generations had the desire and the fortitude to assure we would continue our message of love and acceptance.”

Donice Wooster, Director of Early Childhood Ministry, crafted a day in the life of 1320, which begins at 6 am on any given weekday and includes everything from memorial services and meetings to neighborhood joggers stopping in for a drink of water.

“It is a holy buzz of activity throughout the week,” Donice said. “We are stewards of all that happens here and of it having a home now and in the future.

Nan Weir, Owner’s Representative for the Capital Projects effort that is inclusive of building a North Campus Sanctuary and improvements to South Campus and Camp Akita , has partnered with the SCDC to assess the needs of the property and to connect 1320 with the overall Vision.

“The church is working with Phillip Markwood Architects to design the North Campus Sanctuary,” Nan said. “We decided we would also work with the firm to look at South Campus. We are one church in multiple locations. We feel there needs to be integration in the planning.”

As one might expect, there are many needs associated with structure built more than a century ago.

“We have a lot of questions before us,” Nan said. “Over the next 4-6 weeks, the architects and the SCDC will explore some of the big ideas and develop preliminary concepts for the Master Plan. We’re planning to come back in early March with another forum, make refinements, and wrapping up the master planning stage by the end of April.”

Questions from the congregants were acknowledged, including one asked by church member Sandy Fenning regarding the church’s financial capability to make the needed improvements.

“We have great capability in this church,” replied Bruce Pontious, Stewardship and Development Consultant. “We’ve seen it time and time again. This church has always been up to the challenge, inspired by possibilities.”

“This community, frankly, the world, needs First Community Church. This is our time.”

Church Historian Jackie Cherry’s position on the future of 1320 was unmistakable. “I hope that what we are doing here will help people understand that this building is critical, this campus is critical,” she said. “It will stay. This building stays here and it stays active. It does have a have a future.”



Community Forum – January 12

South Campus Spotlight with Akita Fun for Youth

Story By Nan Weir

January 1, 2014 – firstnews Monthly

A Community Forum focusing on the South Campus Capital Project will be held on Sunday, January 12, 2014, at 12:15 pm in the South Campus Sanctuary.

The South Campus Design Committee (SCDC) will be sharing information and seeking feedback from the congregation regarding the Recommended Project Definition for the South Campus Capital Project. The Project Definition, which was approved by the Governing Board at its November 18meeting, will serve as a guide for the Committee as it develops a Master Plan for South Campus.

The SCDC, consisting of Chair Pam Jameson (Director of Facilities Ministry); CPC Liaison Cydney Philbin; Staff Representatives David Hett, Missy Obergefell and Donice Wooster; Lay Representatives Jackie Cherry, Mary Ann Krauss and Bob Wandel; and Capital Project Owner’s Representative Nan Weir, was charged by the Capital Projects Committee (CPC) with answering the questions: “What facilities are needed to support Our 20/20 Vision for our programs and ministries?” and What is possible at South Campus?”

During the late summer and fall of 2013, the SCDC met weekly (15 times), surveying and interviewing program staff, touring the site and buildings, discussing maintenance issues and visioning about the possibilities for South Campus. The primary themes emerging from the Committee’s work and discussions include:

  • Accessibility (creating entrances and gathering spaces that are equipped for all ages,  ensuring comfortable, integrated access for those with differing physical abilities.
  • Accommodation (providing appropriate lighting, hearing devices, AV technologies, etc. for the programs and ministries of the church), and
  • Aesthetics (upgrading and enhancing interior finishes and furnishings)

The Committee also identified some big ideas that it would like to explore further as part of the Master Planning process, such as:

  • Creating a new, covered, welcoming entrance from the parking lot
  • Relocating the Switchboard/Reception area
  • Updating the kitchen
  • Evaluating and possibly replacing the Annex Building to better support the Heart to Heart and Tri-Village Trading Post mission and outreach ministries.
  • Exploring ways to add handicapped accessibility to Lincoln Road Chapel

Beginning in January 2014, the SCDC will work with Phillip Markwood Architects to develop a Master Plan for South Campus, including the 1320 Building, the Annex Building and Lincoln Road Chapel.

This plan will establish a long range plan for South Campus that will provide a framework for all facilities improvements anticipated for South Campus. It will include maintenance items to be contracted by the Director of Facilities Ministry, capital improvements budgeted as part of the anticipated Capital Project and big ideas for the future that will extend beyond the scope of this Project.


Akita-Style Forum Fun

By Scot Nicole

January 1, 2014 – firstnews Monthly

Join the Camp Akita team for some fun and games Camp Akita style during the South Campus forum on January 12.  All children grades K-12 are welcome to attend.  We will be in Lincoln Rd. Chapel directly after the service until the forum has ended.

We hope to see you there and remember, member registration for Camp Akita opens on January 13.


Sanctuary Conversation Continues


Story by Michael Barber

December 1, 2014 – firstnews Monthly

The most recent in a series of Community Forums held November 11 at North Campus brought more than 100 people together to discuss Our 20/20 Vision as it relates to a proposed North Campus Sanctuary.

The Vision, first introduced by Dr. Wing during the Annual Meeting held in February, has successfully united parishioners and church leaders with these common goals; to share information, discuss unique ideas and give life to inspiring new projects.

A summary of the program definitions for the South Campus and Camp Akita was presented. The project definitions were later approved by the Governing Board at their regular meeting in November. Schematic designs and renderings of the proposed North Campus Sanctuary and program spaces were presented and discussed in small groups, providing a quality platform for interaction and input.

“The Community Forums are intended to provide an update on the activities of the Capital Projects Committee (CPC) and to provide for a conversation between the CPC, the Governing Board, staff and congregation,” said Paul Anderson, chair of the CPC.

The guiding forces in this endeavor are the Governing Board and the CPC, chartered by the Board in March.

“I encourage congregants to peruse the wealth of information on the website, which includes the CPC Charter, the Project Definitions for all three campuses, as approved by the Governing Board and our implementation plan, Paul said.”

“Those who do not have access to the website should contact the Business Office at 614 488.0681 for hard copies.”

Input is welcomed and can be provided by talking to a member of the CPC, or utilizing our email address

A January 12 Community Forum focused on South Campus has been scheduled.

Watch firstnews Monthly, firstnews Sunday and for time.


Continuing The Conversation

August Forums Bring Leaders, Congregation Together

Story and Photo by Michael Barber

Originally published in the August 2013 edition of firstnews Monthly, Vol. 59, No. 8

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.
– Henry Ford

Full of foresight and promise, Our 20/20 Vision is the vehicle intended to carry the ministries of First Community Church into the next seven years. The Vision, first introduced by Dr. Wing during the Annual Meeting held in February, has successfully brought together parishioners and church leaders with these common goals; to share information, discuss unique ideas and give life to inspiring new projects.

The guiding forces in this endeavor are the Governing Board and the Capital Projects Committee (CPC), chartered by the Board in March.

The CPC’s task is to define what will be built, anticipate the costs and funding for a sanctuary at North Campus and improvements to South Campus and Camp Akita.

Church member Ned Timmons listens to a report given by Nan Weir, Owner's Representative for the Capital Projects Committee, during the June 5 Community Forum.
Church member Ned Timmons listens to a report given by Nan Weir, Owner’s Representative for
the Capital Projects Committee, during the June 5 Community Forum.

In June, the CPC hosted the first set of Community Forums with more than 100 in attendance. This gathering helped to provide a link between the CPC’s mission and the congregation’s passion for the vast ministries of the church.

On June 24, the CPC presented the Governing Board with a recommended project definition, which was unanimously accepted.

Paul Anderson, chair of the CPC, was energized by the first Forum and looks forward to the August events.

“The Community Forums are intended to be a conversation between the CPC and the Governing Board, staff and congregation,” Paul said. “In addition to an update on all of the proposed projects, our August Forums will include a brief presentation about the implementation of Our 20/20 Vision by Cindy Harsany, Director of Finance and Operations.”

In recent months, Cindy has been meeting with members of the Program staff in order to determine their specific goals with an eye toward the larger vision. “I am planning to provide an update on our progress,” Cindy said. “The Vision is a reflection of where we are today and a path for our ministries as we move into the future.”

Information regarding all of the activity leading up to the forums can be found on the church website at

“I encourage congregants to peruse the wealth of information on the website, which includes the CPC Charter and the Project Definition as approved by the Governing Board, Paul said.” “Those who do not have access to the website should contact the Business Office at 614 488.0681 for hard copies.”

The August Community Forums will be held twice to ensure all who wish to attend have opportunity.

August 11, 12-1:30 pm – Grace Hall at North Campus
August 14, 7-8:30 pm – Brownlee Hall at South Campus



July 9 – The Capital Projects Committee hosted a sustainability workshop on Saturday, June 29 from 9 am – 2:30 pm at North Campus.

If you are interested in learning what efforts are required to build an environmentally friendly, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified sanctuary, please download the Sustainability  Workshop Presentation.


Sustainability Presentation from the June 29, 2013 Workshop


One Step Closer: Board Approves Project Definition

By Michael Barber

June 26 – On Monday, June 24, the Governing Board of First Community Church voted unanimously to approve the Project Definition as proposed by the Capital Projects Committee (CPC), a major step forward in realizing the goals set forth in Our 20/20 Vision.

This is the second unanimous vote the Board has cast in support of the thoughtful planning necessary for the Capital Projects. They first chartered the CPC on March 25.

“The approval of the Project Definition is a sign that there is positive momentum for Our 20/20 Vision for the future,” said Jason Barger, Governing Board Chair. “It means we are empowering the CPC to take the next steps to answer the important questions:  What will we build? How much will it cost? How will we pay for it?”

“Over the next few months, we will gain more clarity on the next steps to actualize that Vision,” Jason said.

CPC Chair Paul Anderson appreciates the Board’s decision. “We are grateful to the Governing Board for the confidence it places in our work and their acceptance of the recommendation for the project definition for North Campus,” he said.

Nan Weir, Owner’s Representative for the Capital Projects, is highly encouraged by the vote.

“Approval of the Project Definition is the first of many steps in the process of determining the facilities needed to support the current and future ministries of the church,” Nan said.

“It provides a framework for the overall Capital Projects and outlines the goals, design considerations, building program, budget and schedule for the North Campus Capital Project. We, as a congregation, are moving forward with confidence, faith and courage to answer the questions before us regarding Our 20/20 Vision and our future,” Nan said.

The next steps will include plans for South Campus and Camp Akita.

“Over the next several months, the CPC will be working with sub-committees to prepare Recommended Project Definitions for the South Campus and Camp Akita projects, and with Phillip Markwood Architects to develop preliminary design concepts for the North Campus Sanctuary,” Nan said.

The CPC will be seeking input from the congregation throughout the process. The next round of Community Forums is anticipated to take place August 11 and 14.

wordOur 20/20 Vision from the February 3, 2013 Annual Meeting



CPC Project Definition approved by the Governing Board June 24, 2013


FAQ – Common Questions Answered

The Capital Projects Committee is committed to an open and transparent process as we move forward on capital improvements at North Campus, South Campus and Camp Akita. As part of that effort, following are brief answers to some of the most common questions that we have heard or that we anticipate during the initial phase of the projects. ACCESS FAQ SECTION



Owner’s Representative Nan Weir and Capital Projects Committee Chair Paul Anderson address the congregation during the initial Community Forum. BELOW: Church member Hilda Neff and Architect Phillip Markwood receive instructions prior to participating in a small group discussion. 

Community Forum Provides Insight, Inspiration

Story and Photos by Michael Barber

Updated June 9, 2013 – With more than 110 in attendance, the congregation was treated Wednesday and Sunday to presentations and open discussions regarding Our 20/20 Vision and the Capital Projects.


Presenting were Dr. Wing, Governing Board President Jason Barger, Owner’s Representative Nan Weir and Capital Projects Committee Chair Paul Anderson.

Small group discussions closed the events with many discussing opportunities facing First Community Church and ways the Capital Projects will facilitate the overall ministry.

To ask questions regarding the Community Forums, please contact us at


CPC Forum Handout distributed to all in attendance



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Community Forum

May 19, 2013 – The congregation is invited to attend a Community Forum to discuss Our 20/20 Vision and the Capital Projects.

The Governing Board has chartered a Committee to begin conversations. They are excited to share what has been learned so far.

The Community Forum will answer questions including: where have we been; where are we now; where are we going?

Your participation is an important part of this process.

You have 2 opportunities to join us:

• Wednesday, June 5 – North Campus, 7 – 8:30 pm
• Sunday, June 9 – South Campus, 12 – 1:30 pm

The Community Forums will include a formal presentation followed by small group discussions. This is an exciting time in the life of our church. See you there.


Capital Projects Committee Chartered

By Michael Barber

March 28, 2013 – On Monday, March 25, the Governing Board of First Community Church unanimously voted to approve the formation of a Capital Projects Committee. The committee will deliver a plan to the board and the congregation detailing the steps necessary to construct a new Sanctuary at North Campus while making improvements to South Campus and Camp Akita.

Paul Anderson

“In a survey completed 3 or 4 years ago, more than 90 percent of the congregation recognized the need for such worship space at North Campus,” said Paul Anderson, committee chair. “Our task is to determine a design for a Sanctuary as well as what improvements we need at South Campus and Akita.”

Based on the current understanding of the giving capacity of the church, the total budget estimate is $15 million.

“We will recommend how much we should spend and how we will pay for the projects, Paul said. “If we can answer those questions to the satisfaction of the congregation and the Governing Board, we will oversee both the fund-raising and then the construction.”

The projects tie in closely with Dr. Richard Wing’s 20/20 Vision Statement, which he unveiled during the February 3 Annual Meeting. His vision outlines an expansion of all ministries, requiring that both Campuses and Camp Akita receive necessary improvements.

“With clarity we will keep our eyes fixed on where we want to be and then do whatever needs to be done to get there,” Dr. Wing said. “I know well the history of this church. I do not long for any time in the past. I am grateful for this moment and the path before us.”

Paul Anderson aligns with Dr. Wing’s goals and is encouraged by the Board’s decision to proceed with this initial phase. “I am honored and humbled to be able to be involved in this task as it will provide enhancements to our ministries for many years to come.


May 1, 2013The Board appointed the following members and staff to serve on the Capital Projects Committee (CPC):  Paul Anderson, Chair, Virginia Barney, Joe Bull, Roger Burns, Erik Clark, Thomas “T.R.” Gross, Cindy Harsany, Cydney Philbin, Tracy Stuck and Richard Wing. Church member Nan Weir, Principal of Nan Weir, LLC, Community Architecture, will serve as the Project Manager for the church and will assist the CPC with the management, integration and oversight of its work.


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