This Week In Worship

This Week In Worship |Second Week of Pentecost

Live Well, Live Wisely
Part 1: Faith Under Pressure
James 1: 2-4
Dr. R. Glen Miles, Senior Minister
Rev. James M. Long, Minister of Pastoral Care
Janelle Rogers, Coordinator of Contemporary Music (9 am)
Sally R. Beske, Associate Organist (11 am)
Sadiyah Babatunde, soprano (11 am)


Household Prayers for the Second Week of Pentecost


O God,
First Breath—

We are so troubled.
We are the ones in denial of our violence
and we are the ones who are crying out for justice.
Can you feel us shaking?

O God,
First Breath—

We are spiraling in despair.
We are looking to the ancestors
who teach us how to pray
and we are calling out the ancestors
who handed down their violence to us.
Can we be different?

O God,
First Breath—

We cannot fathom wholeness
because, maybe, we don’t really want it.
Teach us to want it.
Can we want it?

O God,
First Breath—

We cannot go on this way,
with broken bones and unhealed wounds
and people screaming in the streets
for air.

O God,
First Breath—

We are trying not to give up on each other.
We need to remember our way home.
We need to learn to believe in Us.
Can we believe in Us?

Help us remember what it means.
Help us name and honor those who are killed in our streets.
Help us name our white supremacy.
Help us hold one another in Real Love.
Help us deny systems of whiteness.
Help us de-center hate.
Help us find the wounds.
Help us heal the wounds.
Help us.

© Kaitlin Curtice: Native American Christian author and speaker 


Spirit of God, these hours of light are passing into darkness. Thank you for sustaining me during the day. I recall now the joys you put in my life today: (here, reflect on or journal those joys). Send your Spirit to fill my thoughts with comfort and peace, to relax my body into your holding presence, to fill my heart with the flow of compassion for your hurting world. May all night songs praise you; may we evening singers rejoice in the glory of your creation, celebrating with all creation the new life you bring each morning, each evening, each moment.

I pray in Christ’s name and in your divine love. Amen.

Adapted from Feasting on the Word Worship Companion, edited by Kimberly Bracken Long (Westminster John Knox Press, 2013).

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