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The Mary Evans Child Development Center is an award-winning, full-time Early Childhood Program is open 50 weeks a year from 7 am to 6 pm . There are openings beginning in June, for summer and continuing into the school year, or beginning in late August and continuing through the school year.

Spaces are available for five days, three days, or two days a week. Children transition from the infant and toddler programs, into toddler and Preschool classes respectively, as they reach the appropriate age and developmental readiness.

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Infant class  Children younger than 18 months (please check for availability of spaces)

Toddler class  Children 18 months to 33-36 months (transitions are planned individually)

Preschool classes  Children entering these classes should be at least 2 years, 9 months old and toilet-trained. In these classroom communities, children stay with the same teachers until they move on to kindergarten. The 3-5 year old age span allows for a wide range of interaction among children. Small groups within the class are grouped by age.

Kindergarten  A fully certified kindergarten for children who are 5 years old by September 30 and ready for kindergarten; the days and times of this program differ slightly from the preschool classes. The school day itself is 8:30 am-3:30 pm, and extended care for children is available before and after the class session. Children who have attended this kindergarten have gone on to several of the area school districts with great success. Our kindergarten teachers Terra Gardner and Christina Schaber teach a class size no larger then 12 children.

Teachers and Enrollment Ratios All MECDC teachers have at least a Bachelor’s or Associate degree in Early Childhood Education and participate in ongoing in-service training. All teachers are trained in First Aid, CPR, recognition of communicable diseases and child abuse prevention. There are currently eight infant spaces taught by three teachers (ratio 1:2.5); ten toddler spaces taught by three teachers (ratio 1:3.5); two classrooms with 20 preschool spaces each, taught by three teachers in each room (ratio 1:7); and 14 kindergarten spaces with one kindergarten certified teacher. We are always under the state maximum which states, infants (ratio 1:5 or 2:10), toddlers (ratio 2:12), and preschoolers (ratio 1:12).

Tuition Upon enrollment, parents are required to sign a tuition agreement, which defines tuition policies and offers parents a choice of monthly or bi-monthly payments. The Tuition Agreement covers a specific time period (12 months, school year, summer only, etc.). The tuition amount is then divided into equal payments for your convenience. These payments do not represent specific weeks and credit is not given for holidays or vacation time.

For registration information, a tour, or other information, contact Administrator Leigh Anne Easterling at (614) 777- 4099 ext. 1.

The following article featuring Mary Evans kindergarten, and then teacher Leigh Anne Easterling, was published in Firstnews, May 2012.

Kindergarten student Jenna Majka (center) is excited to answer a question during story time
at Mary Evans Child Development Center.

Lasting Impressions

Mary Evans Center Celebrates Children

Story and Photo by Michael Barber

For most, the first day of kindergarten is a memorable one. For Leigh Anne Easterling, kindergarten teacher at Mary Evans Child Development Center, that pivotal moment helped launch a career. “I remember the fun and excitement of gathering school supplies like the bigger kids,” she said. “I distinctly remember getting to choose a box of tissues for my first day of school. I always include a box of tissues on my supply list.” Leigh Anne also has fond memories of kindergarten experiments, special lunches and special activities. “I try to do things like that in our class,” she said. “We learn through fun and games, not by sitting down with worksheets.”

“As a parent myself, to know that my child was going to a full-day experience where they are going to be safe, respected and celebrated for who they are…I can’t put a price on that.” – Jamy Zambito, Administrator

Leigh Anne’s experience with First Community Church’s Early Childhood program began when she was a child. Her parents enrolled her in preschool at South Campus where she eventually returned to student teach before graduating from The Ohio State University. “During the first day of student teaching, I heard the strumming of an autoharp and smelled the scent of melted crayons,” she said. “Those vague memories from childhood, along with spending time with children who were so excited about learning, helped me realize that I wanted to be a teacher.”

This awareness eventually led to a 10-year career as Mary Evans’ first teacher in a full-day kindergarten experience. In 2004 Leigh Anne was named Teacher of the Year by the Ohio Association for the Education of Young Children. It’s the rich history of the school’s personnel combined with the unique teaching style of Mary Evans, the person for whom the school was named, that provide an extensive learning environment for children 6 weeks to kindergarten age. Preschool teacher Jeanne Majka was hired at a time Mary Evans was still on staff. “She is truly the role model of the Center,” she said.

“She is the teacher of children. I love knowing I work at a Center that was named after her.” Jeanne explains the language inspired by Mary Evans and used by the teachers at the Center. “If a child puts on his own shoes, they may be on the wrong feet,” she said. “I’ll say, ‘You’ve got them on. How do they feel’? We always provide positive feedback to a child.” Administrator Jamy Zambito, a veteran of the early childhood field for 27 years, believes that the Mary Evans Center provides an especially valuable opportunity for kindergarten students. “As a parent myself, to know that my child was going to a full-day experience where they are going to be safe, respected and celebrated for who they are…I can’t put a price on that,” Jamy said. “Our children are the superstars of North Campus, shining stars of the church.

They feel like they’re treasured here.” Perhaps the most important affirmation comes from the children’s spontaneous reaction to the staff. “They realize we’re in this together,” Leigh Anne Easterling said. “I was leaving the center for the day and a child asked, ‘Are you going to work?’ They know we’re having as much fun as they are.”