First Community Church Mission Council receives the majority of their funds from our Gigantic Garage Sale
which are then used to support organizations locally, nationally and globally.


The following ideas represent general guidelines for recommending requests for funding:

  • Funding requests go to not-for-profit organizations.  Mission Council does not routinely fund individuals
  • The organization/project contributes to a sustainable change in the lives of those served by said organization/project
  • First Community Church has a relationship with the organization
  • Funding would provide basic or emergency needs such as food, water, clothing, shelter, or health care
  • The project/organization may be able to provide volunteer opportunities to church members
  • Organizations support clients regardless of religious beliefs, ethnicity, or social location.


To apply for Mission Council funding please complete the online grant application.

Mission Council Grant Application

After submitting your funding request, you will be contacted and given a timeline for a decision on approval or denial. Please note the funding process may take several months.

Questions? Please contact the Mission Office 614 488.0681 x106