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General Information

Not able to attend, but want to support the trip?


The 2020 trip dates are March 17 – March 25


The goal of the Mexico Mission Trip is to ease the burden of poverty on families we serve while also instilling in trip participants a sense of perspective, humility, and gratitude about their own lives at home.

By traveling to another country, participants are immersed in an environment that may look like nothing they have ever seen, and they are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones, both physically and emotionally. Throughout the trip, we foster growth within our own group by spending fun and quality time together around a campfire or in small groups, and we continually provide participants with opportunities to reflect on their experience through journaling, group discussions, and fellowship with each other.


The trip fee is $990.00. This fee helps us pay for airfare, food, vehicle rental, building materials, hotel rooms, and other trip expenses. A $450.00 deposit is due when you register and is non-refundable.

Final payments and forms are due no later than January 25, 2020.

Everybody is welcome to attend the Mexico Mission Trip, regardless of financial status. If you need help paying for the trip, the “Sponsor With Love” program allows your friends and family to financially support you. We also offer payment plans or scholarships if you feel that you cannot afford the full price of the trip. Finally, the entire trip fee is tax deductible. Learn more about financial support options »

Amor Ministries

On this trip, First Community Church works in partnership with Amor Ministries, a San Diego organization devoted entirely to providing homes for families in need. We began working with Amor in 1996, and, since then, they have helped us build 176 homes. Please visit the Amor website for more information about their mission and partnership with the families.

Support the trip

If you are not able to go on the trip, but still want to support the participants, there are lots of ways you can help!

Sponsor with Love

The participants’ trip fee alone does not fully cover the costs to travel and serve in Mexico. Please consider making a donation through the Sponsor with Love program.

Fundraising events

Attend the Pasta Dinner.

Mexico Letters

Sending and receiving Mexico Letters is a long-standing tradition of the trip. One morning on the trip, participants will receive a packet of letters from family and friends. This is a wonderful opportunity to hear words of encouragement in the midst of a life-changing week, especially from those who are thinking of us from home. Read more about Mexico letters.

2015 Video

Watch this video of the 2015 trip to get a taste of what the experience is really like.