Memorial Services

When a death occurs, there is help available. Ministry at the time of death is a service offered by the church for the nurture of the members of our congregation and the greater community. Contact the Pastoral Care office and the funeral home of your choice for assistance. Together they will lead you through the steps that need to be taken in planning a funeral or memorial service. You may choose any one of our Clergy to officiate the service. Please email Robin Hood in the Pastoral Care office or call 614 488.0681 ext 235.


The church is a significant resource in time of need. The Clergy and Staff of First Community Church desire to advise and care for families both before and after a death occurs. The church believes that we are called to be fully human, experiencing our emotions deeply and discovering in this process those things which make for “faith, hope, and love” and are of an abiding nature.

The Funeral Director is another significant resource who works closely with the minister and the church to meet the family’s needs during their grief. The responsibility of the Funeral Director is to attend to all the necessary details so that the family may fully participate in the funeral process.

It is beneficial if Clergy, a Funeral Director and family representatives sit down together and plan a clear and appropriate series of steps to be followed after a death in the family.