A place for all. Including you.

New members of First Community Church join a congregation that welcomes all – believers and searchers – people from a variety of faith backgrounds and perspectives. Learn how, for over 100 years, this congregation has fostered community and spiritual growth through worship, learning, missions, pastoral care and small group experiences for all ages.

Through membership, active worship attendance and learning, you will enhance the richness of your own spiritual journey. You will gain the strength that comes when you know you are not alone and the courage to continue your journey of faith in the world. Your efforts for the common good will multiply by joining hands and hearts with others. Membership enriches your life as you receive God’s love and give of yourself in response.

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Interested in Learning More about Membership

Coffee with Glen 

March 28 at 9 am, North, Coffee with Glen is open to anyone interested in learning more about First Community Church. Dr. Miles will talk about the history, theology, and programs of First Community. A light breakfast including coffee will be served.

New Member Sunday

April 26 at all worship services. New members will be welcomed to First Community.

To start the membership process please contact Carrie Schwab, Director of Membership Engagement.
(614) 488-0681 ext. 161

Membership Forms