K-5 Ministry

Our goal is to help children develop a sustainable faith and personal resilience that will guide and them as they grow, mature, and move out into the world. Our relational ministry provides programs and activities for children to encounter God’s unconditional love and grace, while gaining awareness of our responsibility to care for one another.

We offer multiple opportunities for children and families to connect and grow spiritually, develop a strong sense of community with one another, and become vital members of our church and the world. By providing a wide range of church-sponsored events and involvement throughout the week, we are able to provide touch-points for children and families to connect with God, the church and others beyond Sunday mornings.

Sunday School

9 am & 11 am, North:
K – 3 Rose Wing
4 – 5 Education Wing
10 am, South: Burkhart Chapel

Children attend worship with their families for the first fifteen minutes of the service, then are released to a staff member who will walk with them to their classes. Thoughtfully prepared lessons are provided on Sunday morning to help nurture your child’s spiritual journey.

Kindergarten Open House

To sign up to volunteer for Sunday school or Sunday morning donut sales, click HERE

Virtual Sunday School

This week's lesson

Past Lessons

Click HERE to view a playlist of all of our past virtual Sunday school lessons.

You and your child are encouraged to respond in some creative way to help process the story. Maybe your child loves to draw or tell stories with their toys. Maybe they love to build. However they respond will support their understanding of the story. We’d love to see their responses and they can be shared on our Facebook page.

Family Read Alouds

Click HERE to view a playlist of all of our family read aloud videos.

Our current situation has added a number of challenges to our lives and it has magnified social issues such as caring for others, equality, uncertainty, anxiety, empathy, and change. Here, we share a story time series using books with themes related to these issues. These meaningful stories used independently, or in conjunction with our parenting resources, offer an entertaining and useful foundation for conversation along with strategies for dealing with emotions that we all are experiencing.

Midweek Missions

Look for virtual Midweek Missions coming this fall! Be sure to register to ensure you receive access to our virtual offerings.

Midweek Missions is a hands-on service program where children in K-5 can put their faith into action. The group will learn about the importance of giving to others through weekly projects that help our church, our community, and the world. Our biggest project is collecting food for our Thanksgiving baskets.


Julie Richards
Director of K-5 Ministry
(614) 488-0681, ext. 109