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Nominating Committee

To First Community Members:

It is that time of the year to prepare for First Community's governance elections scheduled to take place at the FC Annual Church Member meeting in January 2022.  As Past-Chair of the Governing Board, I serve as the "Governing Board Nominating Committee” Chair and in this role I am responsible for collecting names of 24 potential candidates for the church’s Nominating Committee.  Per First Community’s revised Constitution Article VIII, 6 of the 24 candidates may come from our members in good standing. 

Please forward to me names of potential candidates for the church’s Nominating Committee on or before October 15, 2021.  Include name of member in good standing and their contact information (email, snail mail, mobile phone number).

Thank you,
Jodi Patton, Past-Chair Governing Board

email Jodi

Governing Board and Diaconate Nominations

Governing Board And Diaconate Nomination
Guide the Future of First Community Church -
Nominate our Next Class of Leaders
By September 29, 2021

The 2021 Nominating Committee is developing a slate of qualified nominees for Governing Board and Diaconate positions to serve terms beginning with the 2022 Annual Meeting. The Nominating Committee needs the participation and involvement of our church members to identify candidates who represent our congregation. We ask you to submit names of church members to serve on the Governing Board and / or Diaconate. We have important work ahead as we navigate today’s challenges and opportunities while we create and embrace our future possibilities.

Qualifications / Attributes for Nominees
• Active, engaged and contributing members of First Community
• Willingness and ability to serve the whole church
• Communication and trust

Governing Board nominees should be strategically focused and have the ability to think globally about First Community, its ministries and programs. Diaconate nominees should be able to serve through work such as pastoral care calls, baptisms, and communion. Complete the Nomination Form by clicking the link below for any candidate you believe is qualified for these leadership positions. Self-nominations are welcome. Please fill out the nomination form as completely as possible. Please prayerfully consider your nominations for these important church positions.

Your input is greatly valued and appreciated,
Ryan Miller, 2021 Nominating Committee Chair

Download Fillable Nomination Form