Baptisms, Weddings and Services of Memory

Celebrations and Care Ministry

This ministry coordinates pastoral care for the congregation, including making hospital calls and home visits, administering the sacraments of baptism and holy communion, and providing spiritual guidance. The Pastoral Care staff arranges funerals, memorial services, weddings, public and private baptisms, and communion in worship services and homes. People in the community of faith who desire such services may contact the Pastoral Care office.


An outward sign and seal of the loving care of God and a sacred covenant between family and the church congregation. Contact the Pastoral Care office to schedule a public or private baptism.

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First Community welcomes members and nonmembers to hold their wedding ceremonies at one of our beautiful locations. Contact Jill Fisher Tribble, Ceremony Coordinator, to plan the service.

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Commitment Ceremonies

Commitment ceremonies establish a covenant relationship between two people who choose not to marry. In endeavoring to support these couples and affirm them, we offer commitment ceremonies for those who wish to make a faith commitment to each other before God.

Every commitment ceremony, whether held in the Burkhart Chapel (capacity: 100), the sanctuary of the South Campus (400+), or the sanctuary of the North Campus (400+), is a sacred worship service of First Community Church. Therefore, we request that your commitment ceremony meet our standards in every aspect including decor, words and music.

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Memorial Services and Funerals

Ministry at the time of death is offered by the church for the nurture of the members of our congregation and the community. Contact the Pastoral Care office and the funeral home of your choice for assistance. Together, they will lead you through the steps that need to be taken in planning a funeral or memorial service.

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Care and Prayer

Our Pastoral Care staff is available if you desire a visit or call during an illness, hospitalization or time of need. Because of HIPAA privacy laws, we may not know if a member or their loved one is in the hospital or a care facility. We appreciate our members helping us stay informed. To notify us of an illness, hospitalization, move to a care facility or time of need, Robin Hood, Congregational Care Coordinator or call 614 488.0681 ext 235. 

Prayer Chain

A group of active church members who devote time each day to pray for those who request prayer. All prayers are held with confidentiality.

Prayers & Squares Quilt Ministry

Thursdays, 9:30 – 11:30 am This group gathers to make quilts for those who are living with illness, have had an accident, or simply need the special prayers of others during difficult times.

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Pastoral Counseling

Helping each person to awaken to life within, examining what it means to be alive, holding one another in pain and celebrating the joys of life — all of these acts of caring are the Pastoral Care at First Community Church. 

Along the way we are sometimes struck with illnesses and disappointments that challenge our faith and stir our souls to embrace new meaning that comes from those experiences. Care-giving takes a lot of people, and we do it well, as we risk our own comfort to love and be loved, to share wisdom, laughter, to listen, or to just simple be there for another.

Pastoral Care is inter-twined throughout all the programs and the business of the congregation as we explore life together.

Grief Support Group

2nd and 4th Tuesday 7 - 8:15 pm This group provides mutual care and support to those who have experienced the grief of the death of a loved one or other loss in life. The group is facilitated by the Minister of Pastoral Care and a layperson who is a mental health professional.To schedule an appointment, contact Robin Hood in the Pastoral Care Office or call 614 488.0681 ext 235.

Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Guidance Ministry provides spiritual direction or guidance to those seeking spiritual companionship in the contemplative life. The ministry connects individuals with clergy and lay spiritual directors who mutually agree to an intentional path of spiritual growth. Contact the Minister of Pastoral Care to learn more about the ministry and to suggest a possible spiritual director.