Fourth and Fifth Grade: Synthesis

The fourth and fifth grades curriculum begins to synthesize the lessons and stories learned in earlier grades into themes. Familiar stories may be revisited, but now in the greater context of the Bible, Christianity, and personal faith. The children are not little anymore, and their questions and understanding are becoming more complex. Therefore, the curriculum is tailored by K-5 Ministry staff to scaffold the children as they explore their own values and those of the Christian religion.

Each week the children look up a Bible verse individually and collectively, thus learning how to use the Bible. Then they discuss the verse in the context of a story, game or activity. Finally, the kids have undirected time to respond to the lesson individually though art, games, activities or fellowship. Lessons are grouped into units for continuity and to draw comparisons across verses and books of the Bible. Units have included Psalms, Gospels, Old Testament Heroes, Caring for God’s Creation and Prayer.

The curriculum reinforces that God is a source of unconditional love and support, that the Bible is an important tool for spiritual development, and that our church provides guidance and a supportive network of friends and friendly adults.



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