Formation is much more than education and instruction – it is a lifetime process for each person who desires a relationship with the Divine. First Community Church has long been known as a church that cares for people from the cradle to the grave, giving them the opportunity to be transformed by an authentic experience of God. Every service of worship, program, class, Bible study, mission trip, etc., contributes to the formation of our faith community.

Since formation takes place in different ways in each stage of life, our staff responds to the uniqueness of each age, providing developmentally appropriate ministries at each level. These ministries are: Early Childhood, Kindergarten through Grade 5, Middle School, High School, Adults and Older Adults. Each of these ministries has a full-time staff member. An age-appropriate scriptural foundation is a common thread connecting our spiritual formation ministries.

We believe that relationship is central to spiritual formation. A relationship to God can be found in a personal spiritual pilgrimage, supported by worship and spiritual guidance. At all ages, forming friendships and serving in community allows us to experience God in and through others.