Adult Learning Council Film Discussion Group

Snow Falling on Cedars
Snow Falling on Cedars

Friday, September 14
Pizza at 6 pm, film begins at 6:30 pm
Wicker Room, South Campus
($5 suggested donation for pizza)

You are also welcome to bring a meal of your choosing.

This film, set in a fictional town in the American Pacific Northwest circa 1950, features beautiful winter cinematography. The story centers around a murder where a Japanese-American man is accused of killing a white fisherman. Covering the case is local newspaper editor Ishmael Chambers (Ethan Hawke) who has demons of his own with which to wrestle as a WWII veteran. Max von Sydow plays the defense attorney as the small town becomes increasingly agitated and divided over the case.

Underlying themes emerge as childhood memories clash with adult realities of prejudice and treatment of immigrants–both Japanese and German–right after the war. Other issues, including family feuds, land grabbing, lost loves, and–ultimately–forgiveness, weave in and out as the murder is resolved.

“Snow Falling on Cedars” is an emotional and visual feast.

Deb Linville will facilitate the discussion.

Please RSVP by Thursday, September 13 to Jennie Nickel at (614) 525-9930 or if you plan to attend.

Film Schedule: July – December 2018

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