Diamond Approach Book Study

Diamond Approach Book Study
Tuesdays, February 13 – March 20
6:30 – 8:30 pm
Burkhart Chapel, South Campus

In this first of a planned series of 6-week book studies introducing the Diamond Approach, Rev.
David Hett will present the themes from six chapters of A.H. Almaas’ original teachings found in
his early work, Diamond Heart Book One: Elements of the Real in Man.

These early teachings provide a critical introduction to the basis and method of the Diamond
Approach, this psychological-spiritual work for the deep inner journey. Each week, students in
this class will engage in short periods of meditation, hear expanded reflections upon, and
briefly discuss, that week’s teaching from the book.

An important part of each session will be an “Inquiry” practice in groups of 2 or 3 persons, a
structured way to explore the themes more personally. Inquiry is the central practice of the
Diamond Approach, and participants will receive instruction about this (and other practices) in
a space that will be safe and inviting for self-reflection and exploration.

Rev. Hett has been a student of the Diamond Approach for 18 years, and completed the 10-year
training to become a Teacher in 2017. This spiritual work utilizes insights from traditional
spiritual paths and modern psychological understandings to support each individual’s mindful
awareness of present-moment experience as a guide and doorway into our deeper selves.

If you have questions for David, or need further information contact him directly at

Registration is required at theburkhartcenter.org/classes. (Registration form to be posted soon)
Cost for the class is $75 at pre-registration
$15 per session if paying at the door

The church Bookstore has a number of used copies of Diamond Heart Book One available for $5
a piece. If you would like to order and reserve a copy, please contact Christy at
ccaine@FCchurch.com, or stop in The Burkhart Center Bookstore at South Campus before or after
the 11 o’clock service.