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Beginning in January, Crossroads programming will take place from 4-5 pm each Sunday with optional fellowship from 5-5:30 pm. Youth participating in Vocal Ensemble will meet with Sally Beske from 5-5:30 pm for rehearsal each Sunday.

We made this change after many weeks of collecting feedback in parent and youth surveys, and in conversation with Crossroads leaders and staff. Families conveyed a strong interest in continuing to hold Crossroads later in the day on Sundays, while also allowing time for family dinners, Sunday evening studies, and preparation for the start of a new school week.

You also told us that you’d like more elements of Camp Akita in our Crossroads gatherings. Like camp, Crossroads will include music, skits, and fun challenges to keep kids guessing at what might happen from week to week! Everyone is invited to feel that “Akita Spirit” right here in Columbus.

Crossroads, our youth program for grades 6-12, takes place Sunday evenings, 4-5 pm at First Community-North.

What is Crossroads?

  • Intentional time together. Meeting in the evening for over an hour fulfills an essential need in youth ministry: unhurried time together. Crossroads will provide, more than anything, an intentional space for youth to feel connected to peers, leaders and God.
  • Gathering as one community. Crossroads allows grades 6-12, college leaders and adults to meet all at the same time. This creates a more complete community of faith where we can serve one another as mentors and ease transitions between 8th and 9th grade, and from 12th grade to college. Although North is the meeting space, we are hoping that all families can come together, no matter which service they regularly attend in the morning.


  • What happens to Sunday mornings?  We offer Impact groups for both middle school and high school on Sunday mornings during the 11 am service at First Community North. In their own classrooms, middle and high school students will talk about the current events, pop culture, and age-specific challenges in light of their faith. This smaller group dynamic allows for in-depth discussions in a safe space. What was previously middle school Sunday school, will become Impact, with lessons designed to meet 6-8 graders’ changing needs.
  • How will the message of Crossroads change? Each week, kids in grades 6-12 will make connections between our Biblical narrative and everyday life, explore the theology of First Community Church, learn the importance of service and discipleship, ask deeper questions about faith and God, and understand different perspectives, personalities and faith traditions with love and acceptance. In other words, the message of Crossroads will stay just the same.

We welcome any thoughts or ideas on Crossroads, and hope you will add to the conversation by contacting one of your youth team members. Most of all, we encourage your participation. With this new Sunday schedule (Impact in the morning and Crossroads in the late afternoon), we hope to honor your family time as much as possible, while encouraging youth participation in FCC youth ministry and worship.

For more information, please contact Jimmy Long, Youth Ministry Coordinator, or call  614.488.0681 ext. 103


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