Petition: Proposed First Community Constitution Revisions

In January 2019, the Governing Board appointed the Governance Review Ad Hoc Committee, made up of three current Board Members; Elizabeth Downey, Pam Shisler, and Jodi Patton, and the church’s Executive Director of Operations, Paul Anderson, to review the Constitution. After several months of work investigating best practices, modernization of governance and procedures, and exploring current trends in church governance, the Governance Review Committee generated essential changes to the church’s Constitution, so it reflects our current organization and workings of the church, as well as provides for effective governance.

These Constitution revisions were comprehensively reviewed and approved by counsel. The Governing Board has also carefully reviewed this document and earnestly recommends the redlined revision of the Constitution attached.

The last time this document was revised was January 2010. These proposed changes will be voted on by our congregation in the Annual Church meeting scheduled on Saturday, January 25, 2020.

Proposed Revisions Include:

  • Article IV, Section 2 – Reducing the number of Governing Board members from 15 to 12
  • Article IV, Section 9 and Article V, Section 1– Clarification of Senior Minister’s responsibilities
  • Article VII — Adjusting the Treasurer position to be voted in by the Governing Board
  • Article VIII – Nominating Committee to be better representative of the congregation
  • Minor changes primarily correcting punctuation and substantive consistency

We encourage all church members to review the proposed revisions. The documents available for review consist of the 2010 constitution, the 2010 constitution red lined for changes, the proposed 2019 constitution, and FAQ’s.

  • The hardcopy version is available at both North and South receptionist desks starting November 1.

Please contact Paul Anderson with any questions.