On a Mission!

February 2020

Upcoming Events

Deep Griha Dinner - March 13

Come help us celebrate Deep Griha Society at the annual dinner on Friday, March 13, from 6 to 8 pm at First Community North. Our speaker this year is Doug Kridler, the President & CEO of the Columbus Foundation. Mr. Kridler is devoted to the support of community charitable and non-profit organizations, and is a renown, entertaining speaker.

The dinner supports Deep Griha Society, the Lighthouse, a community outreach organization working in the slums and surrounding rural areas of Pune, India. The programs address the various health, education, and social needs of those living in the slums, expanding through time to meet the residents’ ever-changing needs. The Onawales always valued education and its role in helping young people escape the slums. The dinner offers the opportunity to purchase or renew child sponsorships, which provide children in the slums with a healthy meal each day, all of their school needs (ie. tuition, books, supplies, uniforms, tutoring, etc) and clothes, family support services, health & dental checkups, etc.

Dinner will be provided by City Barbecue with some additional vegetarian dishes and homemade desserts. Tickets for the Deep Griha dinner are $15 for adults and $8 for children under 12 and can be purchased after worship services beginning Sunday, February 16 and online. So please mark your calendars for March 13 and plan to attend this enjoyable, fund-raising event for this incredible outreach mission!

Register online here. For more information, visit: FCchurch.com/deep-griha

Travel to Pune, India in 2021

A trip is being planned to visit Deep Griha Society in Pune, India and also to explore the many cultural and interesting sights of India.  The 15 to 16-day trip will take place in January of 2021.  

An informational meeting for any interested travelers is scheduled for 8 pm following the Deep Griha dinner on Friday, March 13, in Room 101 at First Community North.  

We are still in the early stages of organizing this trip and will be presenting what has been pre-planned to date and gather comments and recommendations for additions and changes.   All are welcome.  

If you questions, please contact Ken Bitter at kcbitter77@gmail.com or (614) 906-3041.

Mat Makers

Mat Makers created and distributed 116 mats in 2019 to both homeless individuals and those with homes but no beds or blankets on which to sleep. We need more people willing to knit and crochets these mats made from plastic bags. We can teach you to basic skills necessary. Please join our gun group on the first and third Tuesday of every month in the Guild Room at First Community South. 

To learn more, please visit: FCchurch.com/matmakers

Warm Welcome

The Warm Welcome Knitting Group knits hats, scarves and mittens that are distributed through several agencies, including those that serve refugees and our own Heart to Heart food pantry.  Any knitter or crocheter is always welcome to join us.  We have some supplies available, or you can use your own.  Help with your knitting is also available!

The group meets the second and fourth Tuesday of each month from 1-3 pm in the Guild Room at the Cambridge Blvd. location. 

For more information, please visit: FCchurch.com/warmwelcome

Coat Drive

Refugee Task Force (RTF) member Mary Kuhner, with the help of Burlington Stores employees, has her car loaded with bags of donated coats.  From November through January, Burlington Stores Warm Coats Warm Hearts program gives shoppers a discount on purchased coats in exchange for a used coat donation.  For the past six years First Community’s Refugee Task Force has been the designated distributor of these donated coats.  Every week, beginning after Thanksgiving until the end of January, RTF volunteers picked up coats at the Sawmill Road store and delivered them to local agencies who provide services to refugees and others in need. As you can see, Mary has delivered an overflowing bin of coats to The Open Shelter.  In addition, this year RTF delivered coats to CRIS (Community Refugee and Immigration Services), US Together, The Bridge, Burmese (Zomi) Christian Church, Atonement Lutheran Church, Global Academy, and  First Community’s own Heart to Heart.          

Top photo: Burlington loading. Bottom photo: Open Shelter unloading. Nice variety of cold weather jackets, child through adult, in good repair just in time for wintry temperatures!

Back Bay Mission Trip

October 4 – 10, 2020
Biloxi, Mississippi

Join us on the mostly-annual Back Bay Mission Trip this October. This experience is both rewarding and fun.

The Back Bay Mission has developed a highly successful style of work camping based on experiential learning. Work teams perform a wide range of tasks – from mold abatement to roofing to installing dry wall to electrical and plumbing work. There is also an opportunity to work in the Micah Day Center, the food pantry, and the Loaves and Fishes soup kitchen. Throughout the trip, travelers come together for meals and fellowship with each other.  They usually spend a half day off-site, sometimes in another city, as tourists to the area.

Pre-Trip meetings will be held in the library at First Community South for prospective and registered travelers:

  • April 29, 12 pm
  • July 30, 6 pm
  • September 25, 2 pm

To learn more about the trip, about the Back Bay Mission or to register, visit FCchurch.com/back-bay-mission

It is with gratitude that we accept the following gifts. Click on the + next to each category title to view contributions to Missions in December 2019.

      Rebecca and Jennifer L Adams-Fisher

Susan Parker and Nancy H Amberg

Gary Anderson

Frank and Angela R Andujar

Julia A Arkwright

Philip G Armbruster

Lorel and Roger Au

Gregg and Suzanne S Bachmann

Peg and Mark A Bainbridge

Jane A Barry

Amy Becher-Smith and Brian J Becher

Marianne and John R Bedell

Bethany Bell

Edward A Braytenbah

Donna and William Buhl

Clara Callahan

Margaret Carmany

John and Catharine W Conner

Chanelle and Kylie Coulon

Liz and Robert R Cummins Jr

Ashley Davis

JR and CL Davis

Kat Bar and Charles Deemy

Katherine and Richard Dodson

Lindsey A Dunleavy

Gayle and Larry L Dunn

Jeffrey P Eisenman

Gail M Evans

Sharon and Mark Fenstermacher

Laura B Garish

Doug and Jan Garver

Rodney A Geitgey

Annie Gephart

Grace Gephart

Emily and Kyle Gephart

Brian R Gillespie

Cynthia and Willman Golden

Mary and James H Gossard

Edward Greunke

Jennifer and Gregory S Hargett

John D Hartman

Mary Ann Heft

Hilda Hensley

Faye and Richard E Herriott

John Maiberger and Linda Hift

Gail and Jerry Wayne Hoskins

Beverlee Houseman

April and James Gavin Howe

Tom and Tanya Irelan

Barb and Darrel J Irwin

Margaret L Johnson

Vickie and Robert M Johnson

Connie and Brian L Johnston

Sarah and Lawrence J Jonaus Jr

Michelle and Jonathan D Jump

Anne and William D Kientz II

Susan Carol Knoll

Natalie and John R Kompa

Mary Whitman Kuhner

Anne Larrison

Sonnie and Wilbur C Lawrence

Clare and James M Long

Katie and Jeremy S Main

Nancy and Larry Main

Carole Myser and Eileen J Martin

Lisa and Joe Martin

Angie and Anthony M Matessa

Nancy J Mattern

Laura and Ernest L Mazzaferri Jr

Lisa McCann

Michelle and James J McClure

Betsy and Gregory M McCollum

Jim McCormick

Julia Shivener and Stephanie McCormick

Mimi and Peter B McGinty

Emily and Keith Ryan Meadows

Larry Woods and Annita M Meyer

Betsy and Michael C Miely

Julie and R Glen Miles

Michelle Howell Mundy

Barbara J Murray

Lynda Murray

Rachel and Stephen R Mushrush

Jon and Jennifer Newman

Lauren and Jonathan A Norelli

Jeff and Lisa L Norris

Melissa and Ryan O’Dell

Brenda and Don Osuga

Michelle and Randal J Ott Espinoza

Cynthia C Owens

Rachel and Rebecca Palmer

Ken Kovaleski and Jodi L Patton

Jennifer and Christopher Lee Peterson

Cydney and Terry M Philbin

Pat and William B Porterfield

Megan and Christopher R Potts

Thomas R Potts

Lionel Properties LLC

Steve Ransan

Mabel L Rice

Linda M Ritter

Betty and Randall Rocke

Beth and David Roden

Katherine and Richard N Rohrer

Claudia and David Ruedrich

Nancy and David G Rummel

Beth and Scott A Ryan

Karen and James Saponaro

Sara and David J Smith

Peggy and George G Stokes

Cathy and Darryl R Sycher

Joan and Ralph W Talmage

Darian and Douglas E Torrance

Eleanor and Gregory C Trapp

Meredith and James Trapp

Joy and James Jay Tredway

Margaret J Tressler

Katy and Matthew D Ufferman

Thomas Unger

Judy Long and Charles R Vachris

Jim Voelker

Reassa and Owen Douglas Wagner

Kelsey and Scott Dennis Walker

Carolyn S Warmolts

Shirley and Michael Lee Weasel

Kris Reber and William J White

Peggy and Steven Williams

Katherine E Wirth

Holly Witzel

Joe Wolde

Debbie and Paul Yerian

Cheryl and John W Zeiger

Mark and Julie Zogbaum

In celebration of

Olivia Seiler

Frances Robbins and John C Seiler

In honor of

Noelle & Justin Fields

Anne Fields

Julia & Samuel Russell

            Paula Russell

Susan Langner

            Laura and Michael A Elliott

In memory of

Dr Lloyd F Miller

Beth Miller

Mother Alice Mary


Mary Thomas & Susan Thomas Furry

Amy and Brock Harris  

Barbara Kessinger, mother of Amy Caskie

            Kathleen Lennon

Cheryl and Loren M Van Deusen

Bert Kram

            Betty and Neil Drobny

Billy Frederick

            Nina and Robert Frederick

Brett Jones, Popcorn Guy

            Courtney A Jones

Burton Cantrell

            Cindy and R Richard Peyton

Dana Ciccone

            Janet Ciccone

Don & Jill Eliot

            Ann L Eliot

Edith Boltwood

Ruth and Charles Boltwood

Eliot F Richardson

            Anita Somani and David E Richardson

Esther & Harold Albery

            Sonya R Albery

Fred & Ruth Staub

            Tawana and L Michael Thorn

Gregory L Hall

            Carolyn S Hall

Haden DeRoberts

John Goff

Jenny Fountain and John C Goff

Harriet Brown

Howard & Dottie Bartlett

JoAnn Boswell

            Karen and Robert B Claussen

Henry & Mary Ellen Briggs

            Jane and Bradley F Briggs

John F Neff

            Carol Filkins

Kyle Robert Vesper

            Richard Z Vesper

Mark Smith

            Jennifer and Ben A Smith

Marshall Barney

            Virginia L Barney

Mary & Russ James

            Patti Heintzelman

Mary Keys Thomas and Susan Thomas Furry

            Nan and Michael A Weir

Megan Patrick Fedorko

            Holly and Samuel C Linzell

Michael J Goble, KIA Afghanistan 12.22.19

            Sharryn and Graham Webb III

Roseanne Schlatter

            Tamara and Richard Charles Willimott  

Ralph Setterlin

            Jane C Setterlin

Ray & Alice Barry

            James M Howe

Rhys Grunewald

Elizabeth & Ivy and Jeff Grunewald

Rose Burks

Rita and Thomas W Trimble     

Rudy Raduegge

            Sandy and Mark Ringer

Sam Gruwell

            Susan and Christopher C Petersen

Shirley Bull

            William and Leslie A Junk

Wyn Shimer

            Todd and Sandie Southern

Margie and Gerald Aeh

Allan Becker

Nancy and Millard B Byrne

Linda and Robert K Cannon Jr

Janet Ciccone

Barb and J Terrance Davis

Joe and Mary L Duchi

Amy J Gray

Molly and Craig Stephen Hagkull

Hilda Faye Hensley

Beverlee Houseman

Ann A Knodt

Mary Whitman Kuhner

Cindy Larimore

Jeff and Patricia M Link

Clare and James M Long

Nancy and Ronald K Long

Carol and Richard L Meyer

Gary Muratore

Susan and William J Napier

Brenda and Don Osuga

Cydney and Terry M Philbin

Jenny Lou Renkert

Linda M Ritter

Christoph and Kathryn A Schmauch

Barbara Sipp

Elizabeth Sliwinski

Leah Miller and Jack A Thrush

Darian and Douglas E Torrance

Cheryl and Loren M Van Deusen

Jean R Verwohlt

Rose Konrath and Richard J Wharton

Linda L Williams

Rebecca and Gary Wolfe

Cheryl and John W Zeiger

Lynne W Ayres

Anthony and Nancy Bachman

Charles M and Linda Baldeck

Marna Beatty

Robert K and Linda Cannon Jr

Anne A Clifford

Colin’s Coffee

Elizabeth A Condos

J Terrance and Barb Davis

Jeffrey P Eisenman

Barbara Falkenberg

J Jeannine Farmer

Alice and Price Finley

James Flynn

Julia Frary

Doris A Gamble

Scott Gardiner

Dan Gesler

FCC Guild Group R. S. Z.

James Francis and Merry Hamilton

Dennis and Susan Heebink

John W and Judy Hoberg

Carrye Jenkins

J Thomas and Kathleen Jones

Joan C King

Patricia M and Jeff Link

John O and Michele McCandless

Curtis J McCollum

Zachary and Amy McManus

Darryl and Linda Menerey

Derek S and Tiffany Meyer

Mary Moldovan

Gary Muratore

Carl and Linda Nelson

Jonathan A and Lauren Norelli

Jeff and Courtney Oakley

Elizabeth Ortlip

Brent C and Julie Osborn

Don and Brenda Osuga

Richard Paltani

Jodi L Patton and Ken Kovaleski

Patsy J Poe

Gretchen Potts

William Proy

John Ragin

Joseph W Ray

Wayne Werner and Cheri Rickert

Richard N and Katherine Rohrer

David and Valerie Ruddock

Mark Scranton

Thomas S and Pamela Stewart

Stephan W and Mary Stover

R Scott and Laura Rosene Toop

Douglas E and Darian Torrance

John L and Donna Vogelpohl

James B and Debby Waddell

Charles R Webb

Michael A and Nan Weir

Ruth M Whitehouse

Tom Williams

Kendra Wilt

Bethia Woolf

Tim and Courtney Zeigler

In honor of

Lamar Graham

Susan K Dunlap Potts

Dr. Marilyn G Hood

Dean G and Judy Reinhard       

Lee Burges

            Brian R Gillespie

Liz Condos

James and Kathleen McGinnis

Matthew Bachman

            Christopher and Lee Ann Ruess

Laura Oldham at Starburst Media

            Kevin L Satterfield and Barb Burgie-Satterfield

Accordion Content

Kathleen Lennon

Brian & Sally Kriska

in honor of

Don & Karen Gardiner

            Christina Gardiner

Heart to Heart news

Friday, February 7, 6 – 8:30 pm
Grace Hall, First Community North

This family-friendly event held at the North Campus of First Community Church includes square dancing, pizza, a raffle and fun for the whole family!

Proceeds raised at the event benefit Heart to Heart, an important mission of the church. Professional calling by Eddie Powell; no previous square dancing experience required.  Can’t wait to see ya’ll there!

Registration is open online and at tables after Sunday worship services until February 6. For links to register, buy raffle tickets or sign up to volunteer, please visit: http://h2h.fcchurch.com/hoedown/