2019 Christmas Memorials

Ronald J. Adams

Joyce Akins

Claire Allen

Susan C. Armstrong

Virginia B.Armstrong

Warren A. Armstrong

Warren C. Armstrong

Mary Ann Arthur

John L. Baker

Mary White Billings

Ed and Martha Binder

Jeff Binder

David H. Blair

Reuben Blanton, Jr.

Joann Bogen

Lila and Mel Brewer

Harriet Brown

George and Clara Brush

George Nitschke Brush

Shirley Bull

Dr. Roy A. and Hazel Burkhart

Dr. William E. Burkhart

Ralph Burges, Jr.

George Byrd

Millard F.W. and Nancy W. Byrne

Frank and Eleanor Calvary

Anna Cannell

Jack Cannell

Mary Cannell

Michael Cannell

Don Cherry

Robert Chiles

Dana B. Ciccone

MacKenzie Cipra

Alvan, Miriam, and Connie Clark

Bill and Peg Collins

George Condos

Jo and John Conklin

Judy Coonfare

Bob and Jean Corwin

Bob and Lee Alice Cottingham

Chad and Annette Countiss

Elizabeth Vernon Courtright

Thurman Thomas Courtright

Dorence S. “Doc” Cowles

Dorothy Catherine Cowles

Julie Ann Cowles

Karen Cowles (Glaze)

Ray, Maxine, and Helen Cummins

Amy Dandera

Leonard and Martha Davidek

Bill and Jane Davis

Ginnie Perry Davis

Isabelle Davis

Jodie Davis

Mae Beth and Richard Davis

Maynard and Eleanor Davis

Richard Davis

Harold and Lillian Day

James R. Decker

David Dew

Dolly Dew

Gene Dew

Jeff Dew

Ella Dimes

Ann Walsh Dountz

Fred Dountz

  1. Michael Downey, MD

Duston Drenning

Dean Dugger

Ethel Dugger

Wendy L. Edwards

Jack C. Evans

Lloyd P. Evans

Janet Farrell

Charles and Jeanne Feldpausch

Al and Evalyn Fendrick

Wes and Edna Fiant

Janet and Del Fisher

Don Flick

Peg and Nick Flick

Mr. and Mrs. K. Folkmanis

Joyce Fortney

Robert H. Fox

Elizabeth and Kurt Frank

Billy Frederick

Emmy French

James B. Frick

Lee W. Funk

Louise Funk

Susan Thomas Furry

Jim and Maxine Gardner

Betty and John P. Garvin, M.D.

Don R. Gepfert

Bruce and Helen Gonser

Mary Lou Gossard

Charles Haag

Dan and Marjorie Haag

Robert Haag

Peggy Hanhilammi

Barbara Harhay

Wayne, Dorothy, and Mark Harper

Ruth E. Heaton

Pat Heier

Loralee Henry

Robert R. Henry

William D. Henry

William D. Henry, Jr.

Joyce Hensley

Kenneth I. Hittle

Roma J. Hittle

Jim Holcomb

Ray and Rose Holland

Mary Jane and Martin E. Howell

Betty & Bill Hutchins

Marsha Hutchins

Julia Irelan

Andrew and Margaret Jack

Mary and Russ James

Byron M. Johnson

Hulda A. Johnson

Herb and Jeanne Johnston

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Jones

Pauline & Reginald Kaithern

Lois C. Kalat

Leo and Betty Kaylor

Stephanie Kaylor

Lona Kemmerling

Dietmar W. Knodt

Fern Lauber

Henry W. Lauber

Dr. Philip A. Lauber

Herb and Betty Ledman

Karen G. Lee

Joyce A. Lemley

Lewis J. Lemley

Flip Lersch

Lauren Nicole Levell

Bethann Link

Bob Link

Jim and Betty Long

Brian Loe

Jan Long

Jim and Jeretta Long

Wilfrid E. and Mabel D. MacDonald

Mildred Mahoney

McCormick Family

Raymond and Mildred Meyer

Rick Meyer

Dr. Donald J. Mills

Alice Missildine-Keil

Hugh Missildine

Pauline Mitchell

Phil and Margie Moder

Nelda F. Moore

Marv and Sunny Moorehead

Scott Morley

David Morrison

Robert B. and Elizabeth M. Morrison

Donald and Wanda Mulgrew

Charles Mundy

Bob and Phyllis Murphy

Link and Martha Murphy

Edwina Murray

Margaret and Vaughn Mushrush

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Napier

Alfred A. and Ruth W. Neff

John Neff

Mary Neff

Robert A. Neff

Catherine B. Nichols

The Revs. Charles S. and

Josephine E. Nichols

Margaret M. Nichols

Yoshino M. Nichols

Patricia Snyder Nicolette

Mary Kathleen Nicolls

Carl Norris

Sybil Norris

Myrna H. Packard

James Russell Palmer

Susan Pearson

Dr. Claude and Jo Perry

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Quigg

William Reasinger

Chester and Evelyn Riley

Lowell and Beth Riley

Mary and Ralph Rohrer

Elisa C. Rossi

Dr. and Mrs. Carl R. Ryan

Rev. Dr. Arthur Sanders

Violet Sanders

Harley and Genevieve Schofield

David Schumaker

Paul and Jean B. Selby

Catherine and Ralph Setterlin

Ralph F. Setterlin, Jr.

Steven John Setterlin

Wendy Jo Setterlin

Wavalean and Charles Shaner

Charles Shipley

Connie Shipley

LaRayne M. Siegmann

Jim Sipp

Claudia Smith

Courtney Lea Smith

Donna Smith

Art and Adele Snashall

Marge Snouffer

Bill and Juanita Snyder

Bob and Dottie Snyder

Linda Marie Snyder

Mary Lou Snyder

Thurman and Florence Snyder

William Thurman Snyder

Pete Sohl

Isabel and William Spencer

Bill and Page Stewart

Virginia and Wallace Stover

Elizabeth Sturges

Thomas Harold Swearingen

Violet Vivian Swearingen

Scott and Mary Jane Swinehart

George and Helen Talmage

John Taulbee, Sr.

John Thorn

Harry and Elizabeth Toop

John W. and Alberta K. Townsend

Eric Tribble

Evelyn Tribble

Sharon Varnell

Philip B. Vaughan

Bill Verwohlt

Jeff Verwohlt

Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Vesper

Kyle Robert Vesper

Patricia B. Vesper

Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Vesper

Dirk Voelker

Jerry Walsh

William and Emily Wandel

Josephine and Russell Watts

Arthur Weiss

John Robert Wetmore

Jane and Harry Weyrich

Bernese E. White

Paul and Katherine White

Robert L. White

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wiese

Paul C. Wiese

Don Williams

Helen and George Williams

Jeff Williams

John and Kay Winters

Wayne Wooddell

Andrew and Nora B. Woods

Andrew and Vivian Woods

Wycinski Family

Mary Miller Young

Ruth and Bob Young

Fronnie S. Zook

John J. Zook, Jr.

Sarah A. Zook