5060 Winslow Dr- Final Construction Update November 12, 2016

November 12, 2016

Northwest AAH & Mifflin Presbyterian


We dedicated Tigist and Wende’s new home today and wish them many happy years there. Know that this home was built with love.




  • We passed the final inspection. We now have an Occupancy Permit.
  • The carpeting has been installed.
  • The flooring is complete.
  • The appliances have been installed.
  • There is only 1 item on the punch list. We forgot to caulk the countertop next to the refrigerator. I will take care of this; therefore, we will not need a work day this coming week. See you in the Spring.


Plans for the Week:


  • Shepard will be lowering the water curb box to grade, but no promise when.

Thursday (11/17)

  • Done!!


Habitat Weather Line: 614-422-4828 Ext: 7039


Volunteers Report

Wednesday           3 Volunteers   8 ½ Total Hours

Bill Ryan            1 ½ hours St Marks

John Fisher          3 ½ hours Trinity UMC

Bob Geoghegan        3 ½ hours Independent

Thursday            11 Volunteers  47 ¼ Total Hours

Doug Teske           5   hours Covenant Presbyterian

Hugh Leslie          4   hours First Community Church

Adam Wagenbach        7   hours Holy Trinity Lutheran

Lee Fledderjohann     3 ½ hours St Andrews

Bill Ryan            5   hours St Marks

Cindy Fisher         3 ½ hours Trinity UMC

John Fisher          6 ½ hours Trinity UMC

Loren Geistfeld       4   hours Upper Arlington Lutheran

Kent Maffett         4   hours Upper Arlington LUtheran

Bob Geoghegan        4   hours Independent

Dave Hanby           3 ¾ hours Independent

Friday             9 ½ Volunteers Total Hours

Adam Wagenbach        6 ½ hours Holy Trinity Lutheran

John Fisher          3   hours Trinity UMC


Total to date

115 volunteers

513 volunteer days

2662 volunteer hours


Dropbox Photos of the build:

5060 Winslow Photos