Bell Choir 2 (grades 6-12)

Sally Beske, DirectorBell Choir 2

Wednesdays, 7-7:30 for the remainder of the 2019-2020
Choir Room, North Campus

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In an emotionally safe environment, the Youth Choirs at First Community Church provide a loving community for young people as they explore music literacy and handbell technique. Youth in the bell choirs become active and confident participants in worship as they bring their song of praise and prayer to God.

Bell Choir 2 is for youth who have had bell playing experience and includes middle school and high school youth. Enrollment is limited by the number of bells.


Overview of the Youth Bell Choir Experience
Bell Choir 1(rehearsing 7 to 7:30 pm) is for children/youth that are beginning to read music. Bell Choir 2 (rehearsing with Bell Choir 1, at 7 to 7:30, for the 2019-2020 season) is made up of mostly middle school and high school students who have some music reading or bell playing experience. With challenging repertory, lively fellowship, and leadership roles in worship and Christmas musicals, Bell Choir youth are given opportunities that will help them define and discover their musical strengths in a safe supportive environment.

In a vocal choir you sing the same notes as many other people. In a bell choir no one else plays the same notes as you do. If you are absent in a bell choir, notes of the song are missing.

Bell choirs cannot perform without all of their members. When you join a bell choir you join a team of friends and musicians who are counting on you to be at the performance and at each rehearsal to learn your part.

Rehearsal Times and Performances
Bell Choirs 1 & 2 perform at worship services every 5 to 8 weeks during the school year. Detailed rehearsal and performance schedules are given out the first rehearsal in September, for September through December, and the first rehearsal in January, for January through May. In December, all the youth choirs (K-12) combine to present a Christmas Musical during worship.

Funding for the Youth Choirs
Funding for the Youth Choirs is provided by your family’s donation at the time that you register your child, congregational pledges to the general operating fund of the church and by gifts designated to Youth Choirs. Most of our equipment has been provided for us by grants from First Community Foundation. Thank you for your family’s support.

Contact Information
Church office: 614 488.0681 ext 107
Email: Sally Beske

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