Boards & Councils

Become a member of a First Community Church Board or Council. Participation typically involves one meeting a month as well as carrying out responsibilities specific to the mission of the council. Click on the + signs below to learn more information about each board or council. Below are the councils open for membership.

For more information, contact Carrie Schwab, Coordinator of New Member Engagement, at 614.488.0681 

The Adult Learning Council provides multifaceted learning experiences and resources for the individual spiritual journey. With the guidance of Rev. David Hett, Minister of Religious Life and Learning, the Adult Learning Council creates programs and other learning opportunities for adults to engage in lifelong religious learning and spiritual formation.

Rev. David Hettstaff 

David Nickel, chair

The Akita Council meets on the second Tuesday of each month to support the ministry of Camp Akita. The Council raises money for the Akita scholarship fund, coordinates volunteers for camp check=ins and returns, hosts events at Camp Akita, reviews applications of first-year counselors, and acts as a sounding board for the Akita staff.

Bobbi Mueller, staff 

Andrew Wildmanchair

The Early Childhood Council works actively and creatively to provide an engaging, strong church life for young children and their families.  Through events, outreach, and education for parents, childcare for children during worship, and fellowship and support amongst Council members, we strive to surround families with young children in a community of caring. Our special events include Harvest Hullabaloo, Pajama Storytime, and Down on the Farm.

Leigh Anne Easterlingstaff 

Kate Hiseradmin ​

Katy Malhamechair

The K-12 Council consists of a group of adults who care about the emotional and spiritual health of our youth. We meet monthly to hear about what is happening in our K-12 ministries and the church and to plan events that help support the many programs in our K-12 ministries.  These events include the Chili Cook-Off and the Christmas Craft Shop. We support each other as we help our youth move through their childhood and adolescent years, and we are leaders in our church.

Julie Richardsstaff 

Heidi Orsinichair

The purpose of the Membership Council is to provide a warm welcome to visitors and new members and assimilation of new members into active life at First Community Church through small groups and lay ministry.  It is divided into three segments: Outreach, Membership, and Assimilation.  Outreach is how we publicize and tell the story of First Community Church, as well as welcome our visitors each Sunday.  Membership is the process by which we bring new people into the fellowship of First Community Church through our membership classes.  Assimilation is the role we play in the first year of membership by helping new members feel welcome and become involved in the church.

Carrie Schwab, staff 

Julie Edmondschair

The Mission Council at First Community church is tasked with raising funds to support mission activities locally, nationally and internationally as well as creating opportunities for our members to be involved in ministry outside the walls of the church. We strive to tell the stories of our mission partners in order to educate our church family about their work and encourage people to become involved wherever they feel called.

Rev. Kate Shanerstaff 

Amy Caskieadmin 

Gavin Howechair

Church members serving on this Council provide outreach, care and hospitality in a variety of ways, including delivering baby comfort blankies to new babies in our church family; small bouquet deliveries for church members in rehab facilities, long-term healthcare or retirement communities; rose deliveries to members in the hospital; preparation of communion elements and serving alongside the Deacons;  and occasionally preparing cookies/light refreshments for special Sundays and Memorial Service receptions. We also help plan and sponsor the annual Burkhart Luncheon held in May. We meet the first Sunday of the month prior to the 11:00 worship service at the South Campus, excluding June-August and December. This is a Council where you can choose what fits your passion and schedule.

Robin Hood, staff

Jane Briggschair

The Spiritual Searcher Committee plans and administrates Spiritual Searcher events, while engaging together in the spiritual search. Committee members serve a three-year term under the leadership of Rev. David Hett, Minister of Religious Life and Learning.

Rev. David Hettstaff 

Christy Caineadmin 

Tom Whitechair

The Worship & Arts Council is focused on the congregation’s central activity of worship- and all that relates to worship- including, but not limited to the music, the visual arts, drama, ushering, bulletins, special services, sanctuary decoration and to enhance the congregation’s participation in the arts.  This includes concert series, art displays and interior design of the public areas of the church.  Meetings of the Council are held in the evenings on the second or third Monday in January, March, May, September, and November and are hosted by council members.

Ronald Jenkinsstaff 

Lois Zookadmin 

Joan Talmagechair

The Stewardship Council meets monthly to support the ministry of stewardship.  Acknowledging that everything we have is from God, we strive to encourage our members to embrace Stewardship as a Way of Life.  Through outreach and education, the stewardship council supports an environment of stewardship intentionality and accountability and a willingness to respond to the call to share their gifts within and outside our faith community.

Cindy Sue Gepfert, admin

Buck Byrne, chair

Church Leadership

Serving on one of the boards you see below requires going through a church-wide nominating process that occurs annually.

The Governing Board is designed to provide efficient, effective management with responsibility to the congregation to develop and establish policy decisions necessary to maintain the Church as a dynamic force in the lives of the people and the communities it serves.

Jodi Pattonchair

The Board of Deacons is a function of the Pastoral Care department of the church. First Community believes that given the nature of these responsibilities, it is appropriate to mark the office of Deacon by a commissioning. Responsibilities include baptisms (public and private), Communion, Vespers at First Community Village Health Care Center, Parish Calling and delivering roses.

Rev. Jim Longstaff 

Robin Hoodadmin 

Mike Elliottchair

The First Community Foundation is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization established in 1961, for the purpose of ensuring that the important missions and ministries of First Community Church are supported and enhanced well into the future.  Trustees, appointed by the church Governing Board, with guidance from professional investment managers, strive to maximize the impact and potential of all gifts.  Trustees work to advance awareness of the Foundation’s work through events, and articles in the Acorn publication and First News.

Cindy Sue Gepfertstaff

Bob Dana, chair