Youth Vocal Ensemble (grades 6-12)

 Sally Beske, Director

6-12 Graders

Sundays, 5-5:30 pm

Youth Choir Room, North Campus

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Vocal Ensemble Parent Information 
Rehearsal and performance schedule (postponed) 


In an emotionally safe environment, the Youth Choirs at First Community Church provide a loving community for young people as they explore music literacy and vocal technique.  Youth in the choirs become active and confident participants in worship as they bring their song of praise and prayer to God.

Membership in the Vocal Ensemble is available to all youth in sixth through twelfth grade. No audition or pre-registration required. The best times to join are in September or January, although all are welcome at anytime throughout the program year.

YVE Choir Experience

The Youth Vocal Ensemble focuses on choral technique and music literacy while building a supportive and emotionally safe community.  We develop confidence in our presentation skills, part singing skills and learn to become leaders in worship.

Rehearsal times and Performances

The Youth Vocal Ensemble meets on Sunday evenings in the Youth Choir Room at the North Campus from September through May. We meet after to Crossroads at 5,rehearsals run from 5-5:30 pm. We perform in Sunday worship services every 4 to 6 weeks throughout the choir season and also sing once a month at Crossroads. Detailed rehearsal and performance schedules are available prior to the first rehearsal in September, for September through December, and prior to the first rehearsal in January, for January through May. In December all the youth choirs (K-12) combine to present a Christmas Musical during worship.

It is very important that youth regularly attend rehearsals so that we can maintain a fast paced, energized excitement to our work. If youth are frequently missing, we will need to spend rehearsal time reviewing old material which will slow down our learning curve and make our performances less effective for the congregation. Let me know if you find that you will be unable to attend a rehearsal or a performance and please plan your schedule around our rehearsal time.

Funding for the Youth Choirs

Funding for the Youth Choirs is provided by your family’s donation at the time that you register your child, congregational pledges to the general operating fund of the church and by gifts designated to the Youth Choirs. Most of our equipment has been provided for us by grants from First Community Foundation. Thank you for your family’s support.

Contact Information
Church office: 614 488.0681 ext 107
Email:  Sally Beske

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