History and Purpose

Deep Griha, which means, “lighthouse,” is an independent charitable organization that works to better the lives of persons living in the slums of Pune, India.

A video has been released by our Media Department: The Miracle of Deep Griha

In 1975, Dr. Neela Onawale opened a medical clinic in their home on the campus where the Rev. Bhaskar Onawale was a teacher. By the end of the year, over 100 patients were in the care of the clinic. Dr. Onawale quickly realized the relationship between nutrition and illness, and she started a nutrition education program. Additional programs were added as needs were confirmed, and today Deep Griha has over 200 employees serving 80,000 people. The Rev. Bhaskar Onawale and Dr. Neela Onawale are the directors of Deep Griha. Dr. Onawale is a medical doctor, and the Rev. Onawale is a Christian minister.

Services Provided

From its humble beginning in 1975, Deep Griha has expanded from medical, nutritional and educational services to include programs for child care, women’s development, and rural development. Today, Deep Griha provides medical programs in four slum areas in Pune with a total population of 52,000 people, rural medical clinics in four rural villages with a total population of 20,000 people, pre-school nurseries for three-to five-year-olds at 56 locations with approximately 2,000 children enrolled and coaching classes for about 1,200 children in the first to seventh grades. Deep Griha also provides special classes for slow learners, technical training courses for school drop-outs after seventh grade, adult education for men and women, and training for home nursing and housekeeping. Special efforts are made to reach orphans and children of single parents. The newest ministry at Deep Griha is City of Child, providing shelter, food, education, counseling, playgrounds and picnic areas for over 200 children from theslums of Pune.

Our Mission Support

Once a year, the Mission Council hosts a fundraising event for Deep Griha USA. Click here for details

A group of folks from First Community Church and other local churches are planning to travel to Pune, India in early 2016. If you are interested in traveling with the group or learning more, please contact the Mission Office 614 488.0681 x106

You may also make online donations directly to Deep Griha on their website: www.deepgrihausa.org

Volunteer Service Opportunities

Volunteering to work with Deep Griha requires a major commitment. Our experience is that Deep Griha projects are always challenging, interesting and life changing. However, volunteers need to be quite flexible to be completely “at home” in this project. Persons with medical and educational backgrounds are especially needed. Learn more about volunteer opportunities here:  www.deepgrihausa.org

Tabitha Kidwell, a member of First Community Church, recently returned from Puné, India volunteering at Deep Griha. Enjoy this video brought back from her visit. video

Contact Information

You can write to the society in care of:
Dr. Mrs. N. B. Onawale, Director
A-8 K. Tatya Tope Cooperative Hsg. Society
Wonawarie, Pune 411 040, India

Or contact by e-mail:
Deep Griha (India)
U.S. e-mail

For more information, please contact the First Community Church Mission Office at 614 488.0681 ext. 106.