The Tandana Foundation

The Tandana Foundation is a non-profit organization with strong ties to First Community Church.  Founded and directed by First Community member Anna Taft, the organization offers cross-cultural volunteer opportunities and provides support for scholarships and community projects in highland Ecuador and in Dogon country in Mali, West Africa.

The accomplishments of Tandana are extremely important to the people of these two regions.

In Ecuador volunteer groups completed the following projects in several rural communities in the highlands:

• built a retaining wall to protect a village water source from erosion and pollution
• planted trees to provide extra protection from erosion
• replaced the roof of a community center
• constructed a greenhouse for a native tree nursery
• set up basic health clinics in five villages, seeing 134 patients in five days

Additionally, Tandana provides scholarships to allow rural Ecuadorian students to continue their secondary and university education.

Several villages in Mali are the beneficiaries of Tandana supported community projects selected by the village leaders:

• funding for the restoration of a traditional well in Sal Dimi
• building a village grain bank and supplying grain in Sal Dimi
• expanding a savings and micro-credit program in eight villages
• funding a soap-making training class for the women in Kansangho, helping them diversify their sources of income
• building a latrine (the first in their village) at the women’s cotton bank in Kansangho
• assisting a group of villages with agricultural innovations such as the natural regeneration of trees in the fields and short-cycle cowpeas
• printing books for the first time in the local dialect and continuing literacy classes

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