Block of Wood

Confirmation at First Community Church


Exciting Changes

The Block of Wood is a long-standing symbol of Confirmation that is unique to First Community Church. We hope that a few alterations in the format of our Block of Wood programming will keep this beloved tradition alive and valued by more youth than ever before.

In the past, the Block of Wood was a year-long class taken only by 9th grade participants. Moving forward, we hope to include more youth and to ensure all Block of Wood participants have a similar understanding of First Community Church before becoming Confirmed.

  • Block of Wood curriculum will be concentrated to three classes open to any high schooler in grades 9-12. This is a wonderful option for high schoolers who may have missed the opportunity to participate in Block of Wood during their 9th grade year.
  • Four classes are available; participants must attend 3 out of 4 classes in order to become Confirmed.
  • Confirmation takes place on Block of Wood Sunday, May 14 at the 11am worship service (participants arrive at 10am).
  • All high schoolers are welcome to participate, regardless of their parents’ membership status.

What is the Block of Wood and Confirmation? The legend holds that in Biblical times, small blocks of wood (in place of crosses) were given to young Christians. It was said that those who carried them faithfully were blessed with a great sense of God’s presence and guidance. Today, we use “Block of Wood” as the name of our Confirmation class. During the class, participants will learn the unique aspects of First Community Church, and upon completion, they are given the opportunity to become Confirmed as members of First Community Church on Block of Wood Sunday.

Block of Wood Class

Sundays in April | 7:00 – 9:00 pm
North Campus (3777 Dublin Rd)

Block of Wood Classes will be a mix of presentation and discussion led by First Community clergy, staff, and congregants. Note that there is an attendance requirement; participants must attend three out of four classes, as well as Block of Wood (Confirmation) Sunday, in order to become Confirmed. If you would like to participate and foresee a scheduling issue, please contact the Youth Ministry staff. We would love to find an alternate time for you to meet with us in order to fulfill your attendance requirement.

  • Sunday, April 2 – History and Traditions of First Community Church
  • Sunday, April 9 – Faith and Theology of First Community Church
  • Sunday, April 30 – Meaning of Confirmation, Membership, and Belonging
  • Sunday, May 7 – Make-up Class
  • Sunday, May 14 – Block of Wood (Confirmation) Sunday: see details below

Block of Wood Sunday

Sunday, May 14 | 11 am Worship Service
Participants arrive at 10 am
South Campus (1320 Cambridge Blvd)

Participants who have completed the Block of Wood class attendance requirement will be Confirmed as members of First Community Church on Sunday, May 14 at South Campus. Participants must arrive at 10 am; the service begins at 11 am.

Block of Wood Sunday worship service is truly beautiful and unique; it is the only worship service at First Community Church that day. Participants will receive their Block of Wood on a necklace, each will be called forward by name to light a candle, and the class will stand together and be celebrated.


If you plan to participate in the Block of Wood class, and ultimately Block of Wood Sunday, we ask that you please register. Registration is free and simply a way for us to create a class roster, and your opportunity to:

  • Indicate which Block of Wood Classes you plan to attend, and if you foresee any conflicts.
  • Indicate your intention to join First Community Church through Confirmation.
  • If you have not been baptized, indicate if you would like to become baptized as part of the Block of Wood Sunday service.
  • Provide family contact information for our Membership Directory.

Click here to register> Please contact Nick Graves with questions (contact info below). 

Why participate? Becoming a member of First Community Church comes with tangible perks: early registration on programs, discounts on some activities, and invitations to serve in church leadership roles, to name a few. More importantly, however, are the intangible benefits that come with belonging to a community of faith. Tough times will happen to all of us; it is this community that will surround you with love, bring you a meal, and cry alongside you. Likewise, during life’s brightest days (graduations, weddings, births) this community will shower you with joy. High school is the perfect time to join the church, because as high schoolers, we begin to fully understand life’s high’s and low’s. It is now that we begin the important work of building authentic, life-long relationships with fellow members of the congregation. We are excited to walk with you as you “officially” join the place where everyone belongs.

For more information, please contact Gabrielle Whitcomb, Youth Ministry Coordinator, at or 614.488.0681 ext. 103.